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  1. Code 0206 !!!!!!!!!help

    thx pal ill investigate further
  2. Aircon???

    01 plate 1.8 duratec would nt i still hear compressor?
  3. Aircon???

    hiya chaps it seems my aircon isnt working ? when i turn it on the little light near the button lights but nothing else no change in revs or noise nothing can any1 help ? maybe its a fuse relay ifso witch 1 is for aircon thx in advance any help appreciated :D
  4. Code 0206 !!!!!!!!!help

    yes mate it was got from dash thx do u know y it would judder like its in wrong gear when in low revs like missing ticks over perfect ????????????????cheers
  5. hi all :) ive a mondeo 1.8 duratec 01 plate alls ok ish but i have the code 0206 could this b the reason y it sometimes feels like its missing when in low revs almost like im in wrong gear also poor fuel consumption 4 £20 fuel (petrol) only got 62 miles ???? does that seem right i dont drive fast or brake hard car has 111000 miles full servise history ANY HELP?ADVISE REALY APPRECIATED thx again
  6. No Brakes

    SORTED i went online and looked up how to do it followed instructions and now done bled both rears as i was told earlier and now have brakes back thx all 4 your help yippeee
  7. No Brakes

    i didnt have a clue what to do it all started because handbrake wasnt working right handle was coming right up and hardly holding on a hill we had a look and pads were low almost to metal he just said he put a different piston in because the old 1 was corroded and uneven (would nt hold pad right ???) ive just spoken with him and he said same as you fishpond 47 they would need bleeding but he didnt do it cause it looked like bleed nipple thingy would snap off if he tried to loosen it
  8. No Brakes

    also forgot to mention when he did the rear pads the piston came out and some fluid also he screwed piston back in then did the pads ?????
  9. No Brakes

    thx when i do pump the peddle it sdtill slowly goes to the bottom
  10. No Brakes

    AS TITLE A PAL OF MINE CHANGED THE REAR PADS ON MY MONDEO MK 3 since then ive almost no brakes under foot theres a bit of resistance when engine isnt running but when i start it up theres nowt untill my foot is on floor then there almost nowt ive had a quick look and the rubber thing on the piston thats on the rear caliper is all ripped could this be the cause ??? please any help appreiciated
  11. Code 0406 ??????

    hiya all ive got the code 0406 on my mondeo mk3 1.8 duraratec he can any1 help me out what this means thx in advance :) :)
  12. Dash Clock

  13. Unlock Modes?

  14. Dtc Codes.

    theres also a good iphone app called OBD11 TRY IT
  15. Hand Brake

    hi all i need to tighten my handbrake up a bit it feels like its too high and still rolls a bit when parked on a hill any advice is appreiciated thx