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  1. Fitting A Ford Dab Radio

    Just got hold of a Ford DAB radio for the smax that has the correct surround etc, take it i need a kit i see on eBay to enable the DAB to work. also some reason it's not locking into the gap same fittings as the old radio just not locking. any help guys also is it cheaper to get the kit from ford them selfs then off eBay. manny thanks Jon
  2. 2006 Fiesta Style

    hi all, Mum has a 2006 Fiesta style 1.25 3door, has had the car from new. It keeps blowing brake light bulbs. keep blowing every 2-3 months. anyone had any similar problems or it just me??? Bulbs range from a services to halfords etc, not same batch or bulbs etc, Jon
  3. Hi everyone Got a 2002 Zetec-S 2.0L TDCi (130) Curently away on work and back in June and the car needs a service got the car as a non runner in Nov last year with some service history and from what i can tell from the prev owner off 9years it was serviced every year with out fail. Any idea what should be done or looked at on it's service. Guy who does some car work for me doing it and is brill with cars. Major service at 130000miles any idea or info be brill. Had a new Fuel Pump, Injectors, Cam chain tensioner, fuel tank flushed in Jan and has been running like gold. Many thanks Jon
  4. Have a 2002 Mondeo Zetec-S 2.0L TDCi (130) got the car last year with no service papers BUT he owner off 9years said it been serviced every year with out fail. Now has 130000miles and MOT Tax etc all Due so i also going to get a service done. Major service anythin i should have done or look out for. Also idea of cost. any help be brill. Car all works no probs had a new fuel pump Injectors and fuel tank flushed out at 127000miles. Jon
  5. Any Idea On A Price

    car RTA was in 2001 one lung cracked on headlight and bumper had a crack nothin major was fixed a week after. about 110000 on the clock so it done 10000miles a year just had a new coil pack and service. Told me dad to MOT it end of the month and tax it for 6months might use it for part x for my van when i back in June
  6. Driver Elec Window Help

    mmmmm Amazing how ford find nothing wrong but yet there is a well known fault. i re set the window again and it been good so far looks like just live with it and re set the windows time to time..
  7. Driver Elec Window Help

    If i dont get this fixed i going to smash the Driver Window soon. Push the button all way down he window goes all way down lift the switch all way up it goes all way up. then it goes all way down Lift switch all way up it goes over half way and then goes all way down. then you can not just flick the switch to go up automatically you have to hold it up all way till shut. also if you hold it up 1st time it does same thing. Did this since i got the car been back to Ford 3 times in 2010 no fault found. someone did tell me the re set the window down hold for 5 sec up hold for 5 sec repeat 2 times. this did work for a few months BUT it doing it again. HELP ANYBODY
  8. Any Idea On A Price

    Tryin to convince my dad to part with his 11yearold fiesta after it MOT and taxed end March. just wondering what people think it worth. 2001 Ford Fiesta Flight 3Door 1.3 in green One Owner from New All old MOT and tax discs from new. Lots of service will have 8-9Months Tax and MOT. aint bad Nick for a 11 year old car. Just starting to rust on Rear Arches and Driver door nothing major. Lacquer starting to come off front bumper as it was involved in a RTC when it was 2weeks old non fault. Had new bumper and Head light. Good little car dont want to sell it but not really got room to keep it when i get my Van. What price would ya put on it???
  9. anyone swap the controls for a digi one on the Mk3 mondeo.
  10. been lookin up about swap normal lights for xenon lights. little help advice do i just swap the Fuse from a 7.5a to a 20a and no need to do some wire work or what?? also sayin Although it is possible to connect your lights to the existing wiring loom, however it is strongly reccomended to split the live feed to the battery to allow for a more stable power feed. anyone done this or not and just swapped and been fine?? http://fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Upgrading_To_Ford_OEM_Xenons any input be brill
  11. Any tips on removing the center of the dash Heather controls radio clock etc area. 2002 Mk3.
  12. 2003 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci 130 Trusty Glow Plug Light!

    when ya start and takes ages to start up does the glow plug light flash??? after 20-30sec. might be worth removing the glow plugs and testing them see if they glow bright or glow at all. if not check it not the live or earth to the glow plugs. new glow plugs about £45 for 4.
  13. Thirsty Mondeo Mk3?

    dont trust the MPG on the dash or the fuel level. as said fill up till it clicks or till it at the rim like i do. re set ya trip. when ya next fill up take note of miles covered and work out the MPG. just google mpg calculator it easier My 2.0tdci 130 motorway i do 60mph i get about 55mpg bit of eveything i get about 40-45mpg
  14. Have a 2002 Mondeo Zetec. heater controls are 3 knobs. can a elec control unit fit strait in strait swap anyone no.???
  15. New Ford Key

    i pop down tue i no few people there.