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  1. Thank you, is re-programing the key something i can do or do i need to get someone in to do this?
  2. Hello, I have a 2008 Focus Zetec. I was in a scrapyard today looking for a few bits and noticed one of the mk2 focus's had a flip key! They threw the key in with what id bought! and i was wondering if its possible to make it work with my car if i had a new blade cut and got it programmed!? Is this possible? i have 3 keys for my focus but id love to have a genuine flip key instead. Thanks Arthur
  3. Thanks for that, that is very helpful! i will print this off and bring it with me when i go see them! I take it this is a serious issue the car has?
  4. Hello, I picked up my 2008 1.8 Zetec Focus on Wednesday from a local used car dealer, its on 105k with FSH When i was driving it home the car was telling me it was -50° outside which i thought was strange but didn't think anything of it. I used the car a little bit for a day or two with no problems until i went to Sainsbury's on Saturday night, i filled it up with fuel then i did my shopping.. when i started it again i got a whole load of warning lights and flashing red light! it drove fine so i drove home. The next day i started the car and had no warning lights, i turned it off and on again and they came back! they said - "Transmission Malfunction" "Engine Malfunction" and "Power steering Malfunction" all with the "!" in a triangle icon. About an hour later i went to drive the car to see a family member and it wouldn't start! I'm assuming a dead battery not helped by starting the car twice and not driving anywhere? I know NOTHING about cars but Its obviously an electrical fault? The engine bay is very clean... a friend thinks that maybe someone may of power washed the engine bay and perhaps water got into the ECU? Anyway I'm obviously very annoyed, i have contacted the dealer and i was told they'd call me back tomorrow when the right person is in. i can't imagine they'd do anything anyway! i have a 3 months warranty but it only covers the engine & gearbox. Id appreciate your thoughts... Thanks Arthur
  5. Thanks you very much! i will see what i can do! and i will let you know how we get on! thanks Arthur
  6. Hello, Story is my Girlfriend has just been bought a 2005 plate KA, we knew it had a problem and we got it for a good price. The Problem is the battery doesnt seem to charge or hold its charge,the battery light is on in the car all the time, car will start and work fine for a wile but after a bit the speedo stopped working and then the lights fadded and then after turning engine off it wouldnt start again, it wouldnt even tick over and nothing would work not even the hazzard lights, but it will start either being bump started or with jump leads or booster pack. Ford say its a common fault and its wires from or around the altanator / battery that have corroded and broken, i believe ford tested the battery and altanator and they were both fine. we replaced a set of wires, not sure which ones but it was a set from behind drivers side headlight. i basicly want to know what we should do next? before having to take it to a garage!, if its a common fault has anyone had or heard of this problem and can help us out? Thanks Arthur