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  1. O2 Sensor

    Cheers for confirming what I suspected... I've been looking at some US forums, they seem to suggest that the only O2 sensor that would be messing with the engine this way would be the pre-cat sensor, the post-cat sensor would be registering as a CAT problem. Can anyone confirm this, as it might just make sense to replace the pre-cat sensor without worrying about any expensive diagnostics....
  2. O2 Sensor

    This is what I suggested but there was a considerable amount of sighing - basically because the fault is intermittent, they are saying they will charge me £80 per diagnostic and say there is no certainty that they will find the problem first time. This is why I'm annoyed - can any garage do the diagnostics? Or even the AA?
  3. O2 Sensor

    Hi. Still seem to be having trouble with an O2 sensor on my Mark II 05 Focus (1.6 CVT). It intermittently still plays up in warm/humid weather, and is causing the occasional stall. Trouble is that the engine management light still hasn't come on, and my local ford dealer reckon they can't do anything without the error code because there are several different O2 sensors that it could be. (Well, they have offered to do a trial and error swap around). Is this true? Surely there must be some way for them to check it? The car recently passed MOT and emissions were very good. I'm annoyed and confused with the car and with Ford and I don't want to pay for half-a-dozen different diagnostic checks... Help please!!!
  4. Hoping someone can help with some advice before I have to pay through the nose. My Focus has re-started a really bad rough idle fault. Essentially, it runs perfectly well, except while stuck in traffic. It intermittently (annoyingly it is not always repeatable) rev's upto about 1200, and down below 800. Sometimes the engine stalls. I had the same problem last summer, the engine management light came on - Oxygen Sensor was responsible. The light then switched itself off, and never came back on. I switched fuel and the problem disappeared. However, as soon as the weather turned warmer after early spring, the problem has come back again. Any obvious ideas? Is it the oxygen sensor? Would the outside air-temp affect this? Is it likely to damage the CAT? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  5. 2005 Ford Focus Wont Start - Help!

    Yeah - turned out to be the battery and a quick trip to Halfords and a wrestle with the rather eccentric housing, problem solved! Thanks for the advice
  6. 2005 Ford Focus Wont Start - Help!

    Thanks for that - but to update. The car will now intermittently let me use the remote key to centrally lock the car. Now, when I try to start the engine it still fails but with a loud bleeping noise from the fuse box. The battery looks to be in fairly poor shape, with yellow gunk around the connections. Could this have anything to do with the problems?
  7. Hi - hoping someone on here can help me. Tried to start my 2005, 1.6 115 VCT Focus this afternoon but it simply will not start. The engine accepts the key but when I turn it in the ignition the PATS light starts to flash and the engine fails to even turn over. When using the non-remote key, if I hold down the ignition, it sometimes flashes up "Engine Fault". I tried a couple of things to get it running but a strange noise has started coming from beneath the fuse box when I do so - so I have stopped. Is it the ECU? It won't even allow me to centrally lock the car, the radio works but no sound is coming from the speakers. The car has sat for two days but I wouldn't have thought it would an issue. I do have an intermittent rough idle problem with it - which tends get worse in the warmer weather. Could this be related? Help, please!