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  1. hi i dont tent to use this website to much as i know not alot about cars just love to drive them :D haha unfortunatly i have had a leak for about 4 months now. but me being me i decided not to get it checked out and thought ide just keep toping up with water. but know i have started to get a very weird noise from the engine. also the leak has become a lot worse and i find myself filling it up with a big 4 pint old milk bottle every day. however, the engine heating light still comes on and i drive with an overheated engine and a very dry smoking burning engine. i got it looked at today by a mates dad who used to be a mechanic. he informed me that i had a leak i already knew this. he then said something about a coreplug inside the bell housing. i just wondered what this was and if anybody knew how much it would cost to get fixed. it sounds like quite alot would anyone recopmend me getting rid of it getting my money back and letting sum ova nuttah find out about the promblem pmsl. help would be m,uch appriciated many thanks, Joe
  2. Hi im new to this and havnt got a clue lol.

    wow so many peope are friendly here. my mate is always going on forums for speakers and stuff so i had never tried bu tyou realy can find out some great informatrion. haha well beter be off id=f i dont leave now ill be late to poxy school. :o and !Removed! websites in a car forum. what is this world coming to :P
  3. wheels or speakers

    Cheers m8 It sounds like a plan. the only reason i was going to do it that way is because im still in full time education at 6th form. so i spose im on quite a tite budge earning juts over a hundred pound a week at the mo with 80 quid going out of my acoount everyweek without even touching my wages lol. terrefic. i think ill get the speaker for christmas and the wheels for my birthday :D
  4. wheels or speakers

    at the moment im in 2 minds i dont know whether to sort out a bass speaker for my car or get a new pair of wheels. i have 2 options the first one being buy the speakers sod the wheel, however my second option is take the whells from my dad which used to be on his bmw318. the only problem being is their 17inch. will they even fit or will it just give me more hassel than its worth suggestions would be greatfull. Thanks Joe
  5. im 17 years old and recently passed my driving test. well about 3 months ago. lets just say my experience of driving so far has been a bumpy one. ive had 2 buy 2 new front wheels hitting curbs far to fast, had some minute engine trouble and for the last month the tracking has been out and ive been going through shed loads of spare tyres. haha i dont know how to use this site but my ford is completly standard apart from a new head unit and a pair of 6 by 9 in the parcel shelf. some may say im a boy racer but i wouldnt agree i just like music. all i need is a nice sounds system and a set of wheels. well i spose thats me. bye for now