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    fiesta si 2.0 zetec
  1. Twisted

    Front And Rear Arch Kits

    Cheers for the suggestions dunno what to go for lol jst can't make up my mind, sure won't be a mental body kit any way.
  2. Twisted

    Your Fiesta

    i feel left out i got the only old fiesta here lol
  3. Twisted

    Hey Ppl

    Hey Every1, hoping to get to some meets this year and shows to see all your Fords, This is what i'm taking along
  4. I know this post was made like 3 months ago but i'd really like to get to some meets misght even beable to encourage my mate and his Granny sapphire cosworth to come ...... keep us posted on any meets plz guys Thanks
  5. Twisted

    Front And Rear Arch Kits

    Hey guys i just reacently bought a fiesta mk3 si with 2.0 zetec and was trying to find some arch kits i can fit my self with no luck as of yet just wondering if any1 knew any where i could find a set as i'm planning on preping the car for paint very shortly, I'm not really sure what kind of arches i'm looking for yet so any suggestions would be great. Thanks Twisted
  6. Hey guys where would i find a set of FOC stickers, lol been looking round the web site and can't find any lol. Cheers
  7. Twisted

    All Scottish Members - Let Yourself Be Known

    1. Gazjs - Kirkcaldy (Fife) 2. Dave2912 - Rosyth (Fife) 3. Zippy - Livingston (West Lothian) 4. artscot79-cowdenbeath-(fife) 5. McBean09 - Inverness 6. Bashful - Edinburgh 7. fiesta _zetec-x - Hamilton (Lanarkshire) 8. Danzzza - Berwick upon tweed (Like ON the border) (Technically on english side of border, scottish postcode though :S) 9.C-Max Boy1983 - Edinburgh 10. Iael18 - Balloch (west Dunbartonshire) 11. davedon067 - Dundee (Tayside) 12. DutchasFRP - South Ayrshire 13. DAS - Thurso 14. fords r us - falkirk 15. Raizak - North Ayrshire 16. John21 - ABERDEEN!!! 17. RichardICE - Inverness 18. UK345- Glasgow 19. Nicola88- Aberdeen 20. Ben - Prestwick (South Ayrshire) 21. michael25 - Rutherglen (Lanarkshire) 22. CharlieFarlie - Charlie...( Burntisland Fife.) 23. bruce540150 - brookfield 24. silver53 - paisley 25. Twisted - Livingston (west Lothian)
  8. Twisted

    1995 fiesta mk3 si

    my si with it's mondeo 2.0 zetec