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  1. Thanks, I’ll be installing F10 maps during the week, so hopefully by the weekend I can get everything thing looking tickety boo. 👍🏻🤞🏻
  2. I've had no problem with missing DAB logos on 3.4 but the list any saved stations had vanished from the main screen until I looked on the smaller screen 👌
  3. When the automatic car wash are allowed to open I am keen to take my 2019 automatic focus through one ( I've owned it since last August and have only used the type of 'basic garage' carwash) My previous cars I've just put it into neutral , left the engine running and have let the carwash 'drag' me through, but the new 'dial' type the method seems a little different. According to the owners manual: Put your vehicle in Stay in Neutral mode when entering an automatic car wash To enter Stay in Neutral mode, do the following: Bring your vehicle to a complete standstill.
  4. I believe the aussies called it the powersh1t gearbox and I'm pretty sure there was a lawsuit against Ford. I owned a 2015 Mk 3.5 with a powersh1t gearbox and general driving was fine but when I would drive from Brighton to Bristol to visit my mate, by the time I got to Reading the gear change got very jumpy. It's gone now and I now own MK4 1.6 auto which I love
  5. It’s a shame the home page icon can’t be swapped to the other side of the screen for us UK drivers
  6. I've already used the official path to update to Sync 3.4, can I still use CyanLabs to update my maps to F10 in one easy trip?
  7. LOL, forget what I said, it does have a remote start feature. As long as it does what I need I've uninstalled the normal version
  8. Thanks for the tip, I’ve now got both apps on my android phone because the pro version doesn’t have the remote start feature, hopefully there will be a fix soon
  9. My car is having a service and chafing wire sorted on the 12th, is it worth me asking/looking into this new recall ?
  10. That'll be interesting to see what they gave you, I uploaded my log file tonight and I'm all up to date ( I have the F9 maps supplied by this wonderful forum)
  11. I did mine today, a bit installed on the way to work and by the time I got home it was all done. I was hoping not to do a master reset because it wipes out all my satnav favorites, but I may have to because one recent addition appears on the main screen but not the smaller screen.
  12. I've owned the following automatic cars Mini Metro - 1992 - 1994 - only had 3 speeds, I had to change down to 2nd to overtake some, this was part exchanged for: Renault 5 Monaco - 1994 -2000 - this car had a touch of luxury with leather seats, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, this was part exchanged for: Renault Clio RT - 2000 - 2003 - I loved this car, I had the alloys changed to something more sporty and 'green stuff' brake pads fitted, killed by head gasket Rover 215 - - 2003 - 2006 - a basic runaround to get me from A to B , killed by head gasket Ford Foc
  13. I've been using my app to warm my car up because its a 2 minute walk to the to secure car park from where I work ( had a nice warm seat tonight, as long as I remember to set everything to MAX in the morning before shutting the car off) Its handy for checking tyre pressures before I go on a long journey, but mostly I use it to play 'top trumps' with another member of staff who thinks he has the better car 😄
  14. I'm making full use of the remote start feature on my car, where I park is on top on of the building I work at so its a minute or so walk up to the car in the evening, so when we exit the building I call up the app and press Start, mainly because I can, mainly because when its really cold I can defrost my windscreen, but mostly to wind up the other members of staff 😎
  15. Thank you, I've been using MP3Tag for years The guide is for Sync2 but basically I have to clear all the track titles and just leave the file name?, I had an image saved from when I had Sync2 in my old car noting what columns the car reads. I will give it a try.
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