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  1. Hello all I have been absent from the forum for a long time. I rarely joined in the conversations but here goes. I previously owned a 1.6tdci mk2 Focus for about 4 years and clocked it up to 130k miles. The engine in this was trouble free but the car itself wasn't perfect. I sold the car to a chap about a year ago and was bombing in a Fiat Doblo van since. I remember the chap who bought the car off me was impressed by the condition of the car inside and out considered it was a 54 reg Focus. I didn't look after the car religiously but I was quite careful with it. A year later I have found myself in a 1.0 Ecoboost Focus. This is a company car so I could only benefit from a 100ps version of the engine. Prior to me ordering a new Focus I had an extended test drive (4-5 days) in an Astra and a new Focus. 1) Vauxhall Astra 2.0 CDTI : To be honest the car was almost as good as Focus but the engine was a disappointment considered it has 40ps more power than my old Focus. The car also sits low on the ground so it tends to scrape every little bumps and uneven surfaces on British roads. The headroom was also limited so tall people will struggle to get in and out. The ride however I would say was almost as good as the new Focus. This car was important to me as I had a choice, I could either get a new Focus or a new 1.6CDTI engine in an Astra and Astra came very close. 2) After test driven the Astra I took a 1.0 Ecoboost 100ps Focus for a week test drive. I did similar journey from Kent to Devon in this and the Astra so I could do a comparison. While the Focus isn't a rocket fire, the ride in this is a tad better and refined. One thing that set this car off from Astra was the engine. What a sweet engine and a quiet one too. The latest Focus has a low roofline as well but not as low as the Astra. Taller people will still finding it difficult to get in and out. One thing I first noticed when I got into the new Focus is how narrow and small the windows were compared to the mk2. Having done the journey there and back, I pretty much made up my mind. I didn't care much about the badge because both Astra and Focus had similar specs with cruise control, automatic wipers, automatic headlights etc, so they both were comparable. The Focus however had a slight edge over Astra. Having ordered a Titanium Nav 1.0 Ecoboost, I was given variety of hire cars to drive: 1) VW Polo 1.2 - What a revelation this car was and it actually was really good. The engine has sufficient power and it was fairly easy to drive. The car was very economical too. I don't mind having one of this! 2) Renault Clio 1.2 (new shape) - First impression, looked rubbish and fake touches everywhere. Engine was very underpowered with rubbish built-in sat nav. The huge A-pillar was a big turn off. I had a few near misses in this having not been able to see traffic coming from the right at roundabouts. So it left me long lasting impressions of a Renault, which wasn't good! 3) Peugeot 308 1.6HDI 90ps - A very good car. In my opinion it is better than mk2 1.6TDCI Focus (bar the radio) and the HDI engine was more economical (very economical indeed) as well as it felt more powerful too. The cabin however suffers from the road roar, same as the old Focus were. The radio in this was rubbish as it kept losing signal even over short distance. Other that that, not a bad car. 4) Ford Focus 1.6TDCI Zetec S - Not a good review on this I am afraid. With just over 1000 miles on the clock when I got it, the engine felt tight and wasn't good on fuel. In fact it could never get 400 miles on a full tank of diesel. Something obviously wrong with the engine and it is no where near as powerful as my old 1.6TDCI considered this newer one has a bit more power on paper. So, I was glad when my own car arrived. Now review of my own car. Having done over 2000 miles on this, I wasn't disappointed. This past week has been a little chilly in the morning. The engine is very quick to warm up so I feel warm almost instantly, the old 1.6 TDCI on the other hand took forever to warm up and that was painful. The 3-pot engine in this makes such a good noise and the 100ps is sufficient to keep up with traffic. It won't win any race nor am I a boy racer. The cabin is quiet, at high speed there is no engine noise whatsoever, the only noise is road roar from the tyres but this isn't a major issue. Other than that I am averaging 42mpg but I am not fussed about this since I was well aware of the mpg issue on this engine prior to getting this car. The built in sat nav is the best I have come across, DAB is however useless but I knew that. In all, it is a very comfortable car to drive and the car soaks in bumps on the roads really well. I also have what they call a moon roof which works well. I would definitely recommend this car and I think it look best in deep impact blue. I hope this helps anyone who is looking to get a Mk3.
  2. How To Change Speedometer Color? Any Guide?

    I have changed my cluster from green to white..almost everything including the light switches, window switches, mirror controls, the radio buttons, the temperature control and heated screen switches are now white, although the radio display remains red. Everything apart from the radio are nice to look at. I should have kept the radio button as red as white is not that clear. I have an instruction manuals for the cluster, which I suggest where you should start first. After that the rest are easy, apart from the light switches. You have to be very careful with the light switches as they are a nightmare to dismantle and put back together. I do not want to encourage you doing it but do so at your own risk as the cluster and other circuit boards requires a lot of patience and gentle handling. Therefore please do so at your own risk. I converted mine a over year ago, it gives my car a fresh look made it feel like a new car inside. Ed 1.6 TDCI 54 reg
  3. Focus 1.6Tdci - Air Hose Problem

    I had a split turbo boost pipe. The one the mechanic replaced with was different to the original one as they have redesigned the pipe. I know yours it's not the boost pipe itself but maybe you ought to offer the hose against the old one before you fit it, just to see if it would fit?
  4. Ffitting Jack Under Space Saver Wheel

    it's because you need to adjust the jack enough so it fits under the spare wheel..the jack ought to be in a nice diamond shape..trial and error till you get a perfect fit.
  5. Mk3 1.6 Tdci Poor First Gear

    I dont know why you have to do that sort of thing Sara. Mine is a 1.6 diesel, it is different to petrol but I am more used to the lack of power at 2nd gear pulling out of a roundabout. It is an enjoyable car to drive 100k+ miles later....
  6. Dashboard Light Colour Change

    I did all the conversions myself, although I noticed yours is a mk1 Focus.
  7. Supermarket Fuel

    I have always thought my engine feels smoother and a bit more responsive when filled up with Shell. I have not yet noticed improvement in MPG, although I rarely measures them.
  8. Washer Fluid Warning

    No it isn't integral to the washer pump, the pump is on its own and the sensor is on the other side of the bottle like this one http://seekpart24.co...nk-6pr006984031 My Focus mk2 has this feature by the way.
  9. Mk2 Focus Tdci Build/mod Thread

    I cannot tell the difference between your old wiper arm and the new one? is the newer one a bit longer?
  10. Washer Fluid Warning

    I can confirm the sensor is on the reservoir (obviously haha) as I had to change my pump once!
  11. Buying Advice - Mk2 Focus 1.6 Tdci

    more info for you http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=90157
  12. Buying Advice - Mk2 Focus 1.6 Tdci

    I have a 54 reg 1.6 tdci 110hp. Performance wise of course it is not going to win any race but you get that nice turBo boost. It is actually quite quick. 1. Fuel Economy 1.6 -v- 1.8 1.6tdci is capable of doing up to 60 mpg (no joke if you slow down a bit). Mine has seen 68mpg on daily commute on the M20, M26, M25 and M23. I have no idea what 1.8tdci is capable of. 2. Diesel Particulate Filter Earlier 1.6tdci did not come with a DPF. Best way to find out I think to find out how much the road tax is. Mine is without a DPF, so road tax is £95 per annum. Someone would need to confirm this but 1.6tdci with DPF is £30 a year. 2a. Do all 1.6 Diesels have a DPF? I know there are two versions (90/110bhp) 2b. How can I tell if a car has one or not? Can I tell from the year / engine code/serial number / Euro IV or V compliant / official Co2 output from DVLA / or a visible check (i.e. of the filter itself or the filler for the Eolys additive)? One way is to find out power output is by entering the car reg in an insurance website like Confused.com, I am sure others can suggest better ways. 2c. If I do end up with a DPF model, how can I tell if the additive has been refilled properly (at c. 37.5k miles)? Pass.. 2d. Does the 1.8 TDCi have the DPF? (If so it may be more economical overall to get a 1.8 - what I lose on fuel economy I may save on not having to replace the DPF) No. 2e. As a replacement DPF costs around £183 (from an advertiser at the top of this page), is it worth fitting a replacement now anyway, as a preventative measure i.e. before it fails & goes into "limp-home" mode? Pass.. 2f. Can this be done by any garage, or does it need to be a Ford dealer? What would the cost be, if I supplied the part? Pass 3. Service intervals? 12500 miles on a 1.6tdci 3a. How far apart are service intervals? (miles/years) 1 year or 12500 whichever comes first? 3b. How many times should a 5-yr old Focus have been serviced, with 50k on the clock? Ideally 5 times.. 4. Cambelt/chain. 4a. Does the 1.6 engine use a belt or a chain? What about the 1.8? 1.6tdci is cambelt, replacement is at 100k miles. 4b. When should it be changed? (based on miles and/or years) Questions 5,6,7 are not within my knowledge so others might be able to help you. 8. Audio Answer: If I am not mistaken the square one is available only on mk2 Focus. Later mk2.5 are equipped with those rounded stereo. Mine is the square one and came with CDDJ button. I had to buy a unit with an AUX button and wired the stereo to an aux input myself, which could easily be done. Unfortunately, you will not be able to control your mp3 player or iphone from the stalk as I am sure you will need a compatible Iphone aux input that is compatible with the stereo to make this work. You could easily get the fascia or blanking plate off Ebay though. In my opinion whilst I appreciate your interest in Focus, for your info Hyundai i30 or Kia Cee'd have this facility, maybe worth a look at? 9. Other known issues. Works done on mine: new steering rack, new turbo boost pipe (replaced with a newer improved pipe), gunk under front wheel arch which could lead to rusting if not cleaned regularly, wiring for the heated windcsreen which is not securely fastened under the windcsreen wipers. I wont mention other works as they are just normal works associated with having a car! Bear in mind that mine is an early Focus model and a lot of these problems were ironed out post 05 reg.
  13. Windscreen Washers Not Working

    Well I am pleased to say everything is now sorted. It took a while for the water to come out at the other end, in fact I was about to give up before the pump suddenly made slightly different noise and water came out through the nozzles. I suppose it took a while before the pump got to the right pressure and started filling in the pipes. Thanks everyone.
  14. Windscreen Washers Not Working

    Well, I went to Lifestyle Ford in Crawley to get a new grommet filter. A rather unhelpful chap at the counter said to me the grommet does not have a filter because the pump itself has a built-in filter! I knew this was a lie and I insisted that the grommet in my car is also a filter. I got back in my car and just before I left he came out to tell me that he had a word with one of the mechanic and was told that is normal for the grommet with the filter (so it is grommet filter) to have a big hole in it because that's what they do anyway, poke their finger through the filter to make sure the water flows better. Well I think we all knows by now this a lot of rubbish. At the end I rang Maidstone Haynes and straightaway the guy there knew what i was talking about, went to collect it - costed me £1.92 with VAT. Will have a look at replacing the pump today and will let you all know the outcome. Thanks for all your help so far.
  15. Windscreen Washers Not Working

    I've had a look at the washer pump and filter again today. I tested the pump and found out although it made whirring noise, it's not pumping anything in/out. So is it safe to safe to say the pump would need changing? I could get a new pump for £12 or so but I also need to get a new filter as I somehow manage to tear it apart. I have had a look on the net for the filter and could not find one. I think I would need a trip down a dealer this week, or alternatively can someone please suggest Ford part numbers for the filter? thanks