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  1. Fiesta Boot Problem

    I had this problem as well - it would randomly unlatch while I was driving along. After a while it seized up completely and the boot wouldn't open! Got it replaced under warranty just before it ran out.
  2. Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

    Arnold Clark seem to offer £1000 off list price; http://www.arnoldclark.com/new-cars/ford/fiesta/1.6t-st-2-ecoboost-182-ps/brand-new-63-plate/ref/blk_y7kbvcmm5ioy8bfd/
  3. Rust Nut

    Seems a common problem. Try spraying them with some WD-40 now & again to keep the rust at bay!
  4. Show Us Your Rear...

    Looking good Paul - what bulbs did you use? I've just put some 4 x LEDs in mine but they look rubbish!
  5. Bad Brakes

    Credit to Arnold Clark, the service was excellent! Drums rule!
  6. Bad Brakes

    Took my car in a few weeks ago to have the brakes looked at. Wasn't expecting much but they confirmed a fault, bred all the brakes & adjusted rear brake shoes - brakes are much better now! ;)
  7. My car's going back to the dealers next week with brake issues - play in the brake pedal & occasional brake squeal.
  8. How Can You Tell The Mk Of Your Car?

    The sixth generation is known as Mark VII in the United Kingdom. http://en.wikipedia....n_.282008_on.29
  9. New Tyres For 17" (Street Pack) Alloys?

    Was told by a mechanic mate that premium tyres aren't worth the money so when for some Hankook Ventus Evos (£75 each). They seem slightly softer than the Bridgestones - or maybe its because I've now got some tread! ;)
  10. Show Us Your Rear...

    And here's mine (a lot cleaner than it usually is!):
  11. Frozen White Paint Now A £200 Option!

    When I was looking at a DS3 last year, its was £740 for metallic paint! I assume thats why most DS3s are white!
  12. New Member - Possibly Purchasing A New Fiesta

    Kris, If you're looking for a small 60ps petrol commuting car, have you considered a Citroen C1/Peugeot 107/Toyota Aygo? Granted it's a bit basic but it'll do at least 50mpg!
  13. New Member - Possibly Purchasing A New Fiesta

    I'd imagine the 60ps version would be painfully slow - the 82ps version seems more adequate. Both versions may require a bit of trashing which obviously isn't good for fuel economy!
  14. Zetec S Front Grill On Normal Zetec 5 Door ?

    Only if its Forest Fresh! ;)
  15. Fuel Which Is Best

    http://www.thorneymo...uary_2010.shtml "The bottom line is, for the most part there is precious little difference in fuel economy between the big branded fuels and supermarket offerings with the latter supplying some of the best fuels in the test..."