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  1. tango the newbie

    looking at getting a after market exhaust as my original pipe from the cat is rusting, i have a poll in the ka section of the site with my ideas of what i like and then it will be just little cosmetic things like air freshners, maybe some different decals e.t.c.
  2. tango the newbie

    each to their own at the end of the day riko, tbh i didnt like the ka when t first came out, but the ol girl has grown on me
  3. Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:41 pm Post subject: exhaust idea - comments please -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to recent events that my exhaust has decided to fall off from my rage back box (due to rust) i have deided to get a stainless steel cat back system. I drew 32 designs last night and this morning i narrowed them down to 9 and these are my final choices. any input or comments welcome and could you possibly vote aswel please here they are:
  4. FSE Boost Valve

    no probs fella, will gladly share my experiences with my ka with anyone
  5. tango the newbie

    pics of the lil orange beast list of mods: Engine Ekotek CB-26P K&N57i K&N57i heat shield strut brace Brakes EBC drilled and grooved discs EBC green stuff brake pads Interior Flame LED gear knob painted dash sill protectors sport ka speedo Exterior coilovers msd spoiler rage exhaust rear clusters scooby scoop scuttle pannell sunstrip tinted windows tribal sticker wheel spacers - 3mm Audio jbl 6x9's jbl gto1260 sub anniversary (ltd edition) JBL gto4000 600w panasonic head unit wiring kit Alloys & Tyres team dynammic pro race 2 alloys Security toad cat 1 alarm Ai606
  6. KA Duratec bad idle and stalling

    hi andy, i had a similar problem on mine and the offending article was the throttle idle control valve/switch - it is located behind the throttle body, give it a clean and refit or replace if no joy
  7. FSE Boost Valve

    i had one on mine a few years back, yes they are good and did improve the performance of my ka a little bit, BUT however they are ok untill the seall on the piston goes not to mention the extensive use of petrol hope this helps
  8. hi all, my name is tango (Andy) also known as the doc, i am 24 yo electrician from leeds west yorkshire. i currently own an orange ford ka that i am slowly doing up (and i mean slowly) but its getting there. just thought i would say hi, so......... .......HI