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    Amber Warning Light

    do you have easyshift transmission?
  2. zloby

    Hi All :)

    Hi, first of all, excuse on bad my bad english, but english is not my native language, and second: hello :) I'm from Croatia, driving 2010 Fusion 1.4 16v and its flawless for now . I come to this forum because here in Croatia Fuzzy's are very rare (people here prefere VW and Opel (vauxhall) and when you see a ford it's fiesta, focus or mondeo) so i believe that any question will be answered quicker and more precise here. Thats all for now :) Mario
  3. zloby

    Fusion Interior Light Relay/circuit

    Hi, can you pls specify model (or whatever info) about DRL's. I have 2010 Fusion and for last 2 weeks i'm searching for apropiate DRL to fit it on same place (above fog lamps). Thanks Mario PS sorry for bad english (not a native language :) )