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  1. People's view/opinions of the Motorola Atrix?

  2. So happy for AFC Wimbledon.

  3. 'File is damaged' *rage*

  4. *anticipates wave of spam due to content of last tweet*

  5. Need a recommendation for a new phone. Any ideas?

  6. Sometimes this is such an accurate description of a day in the life of working at Currys http://youtu.be/SYcfIrI5CEc

  7. Word. RT @justinkneller @lizziegolucky the haribo ones are just the wrong ones!

  8. What a hideous garden ornament http://yfrog.com/h7st6okj

  9. You are disconnected from the LAN. The most pointless of all eclipse error messages.

  10. RT @qikipedia: There are twice as many branches of Greggs the Bakers per head in Scotland as in the rest of the UK

  11. RT @GWelland11 @sheld and the services link is still TechGuys!

  12. Indeed! RT @Calum79 @dixonsops Any plans to vist Ye Olde Legacy Stores north of the border?

  13. RT @James_Risk @dixonsops Did you see my tweet about the dated screensavers?

  14. My Twitter value is $18.60, according to http://www.twalue.com ... What about yours? #twalue

  15. Loving this, Mark RT @MarkWebb_Dixons: Exclusive: Predators Circle Comet Owner | Mark Kleinman | http://t.co/a7itAah via @SkyNewsBlogs

  16. I've got a shiny new car finally. Yay!

  17. Incredible...SNP gain from Labour in Cunninghame South. Excellent result.

  18. Love the Skittles advert.

  19. Anyone well versed in the ways of car leasing?

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