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  1. People's view/opinions of the Motorola Atrix?

  2. So happy for AFC Wimbledon.

  3. 'File is damaged' *rage*

  4. *anticipates wave of spam due to content of last tweet*

  5. Need a recommendation for a new phone. Any ideas?

  6. Sometimes this is such an accurate description of a day in the life of working at Currys http://youtu.be/SYcfIrI5CEc

  7. Word. RT @justinkneller @lizziegolucky the haribo ones are just the wrong ones!

  8. What a hideous garden ornament http://yfrog.com/h7st6okj

  9. You are disconnected from the LAN. The most pointless of all eclipse error messages.

  10. RT @qikipedia: There are twice as many branches of Greggs the Bakers per head in Scotland as in the rest of the UK

  11. RT @GWelland11 @sheld and the services link is still TechGuys!

  12. Indeed! RT @Calum79 @dixonsops Any plans to vist Ye Olde Legacy Stores north of the border?

  13. RT @James_Risk @dixonsops Did you see my tweet about the dated screensavers?

  14. My Twitter value is $18.60, according to http://www.twalue.com ... What about yours? #twalue

  15. Loving this, Mark RT @MarkWebb_Dixons: Exclusive: Predators Circle Comet Owner | Mark Kleinman | http://t.co/a7itAah via @SkyNewsBlogs

  16. I've got a shiny new car finally. Yay!

  17. Incredible...SNP gain from Labour in Cunninghame South. Excellent result.

  18. Love the Skittles advert.

  19. Anyone well versed in the ways of car leasing?

  20. Lovely car but your S badges appear to be upside-down?
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