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  1. First job should be to treat the rust. Have you got a photo of the part that has come adrift?
  2. Hi unofix, My car seems to have 'fixed itself'. All seems to be working normally again now. Interestingly since it has been OK, a pop up appeared on the screen yesterday to say Sync had been updated succesfully. Checking the version it now says Sync 3.4 22110 and F11 maps. This is whilst parked on the drive connected to the house wifi 😀 I only updated Sync to 3.4 but never did the map update via USB
  3. How do you force the log manually. My Sync is the same version as yours but Ford update site still showing a 23.9Gb update for some reason??
  4. The phone moving issue is fixed by a new design rubber mat, now available from Ford
  5. Hard to tell from clip but sounds like noise from clutch release bearing
  6. I had a Passat 2.0TDI and could regularly hit 65-70 mpg (best run was over 80 mpg over a 140 mile drive) on motorway runs and over 50 mpg round town. This is better than diesels I've had from other manufacturers, Ford included.
  7. Isn't this incorrect? In real world driving the cars actually prioritised fuel economy over emissions. The cheat devices reduced emissions during testing and VW were caught out when emissions tests were done during normal road driving. There are many articles that explain the devices very well. The only real claim people have is that the cars were 'dirtier' than advertised/sold.
  8. Welcome to the frustrations shared by others regarding the bluetooth issues
  9. Out of interest, how many £12.50 ULEZ charges has the new car cost you? Could you have kept the diesel?
  10. Judging by the response, I don't think many (if any) have got anything or in fact claimed?
  11. Interesting, phone signal should not impact Bluetooth connectivity, I couldn't even connect an ipod after the update and this isnt even a phone.
  12. Were you specifically looking at diesel, did the dealer only push cars in stock, did you get asked about your driving habits to determine if diesel was a better option for you than petrol?
  13. Is this after the Ford update or the Cyanlabs update?
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