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  1. fwiw - mine has the same issue (built April 2013) - 'mono' is there on the display, but never lights up (but it does switch to mono mode if you hold auto). -Tacks
  2. Myford Touch / Sync

    Hi, Last I'd heard from Ford (which was about a week ago): - Focus Electric is now 'delayed' (maybe June 2013) - and not guaranteed to ship with 'full Sync' system (it was originally billed as available early 2013 with 'new, revised Sync' system - Sync in the Focus - well, the ST is as 'good as it gets' for now. The 'Emergency Assistance' option etc. - is available for the regular Focus (it's listed as 'Premiere Speaker Pack' or something) - but cannot be combined with SatNav / Rear camera (hopefully 'later in 2013'). As for the full, US style 'Sync' system (i.e. 8" touch screen, satnav etc.) - Ford said this will probably arrive 2014 in what I'd guess will be the 'New, New' Focus. Having patiently waited since launch and been told 'soon', 'summer', 'next year', 'next summer' - I finally gave up waiting - and ordered. I'd love to have had the full sync system (if only for the bigger screen for the Sat Nav, and to get rid of button-clutter) - but Ford just keep delaying it. Annoyingly, other manufactures are catching up now - at one point it really was 50/50 on whether I'd still get a Focus having been kept waiting - a lot of other manufactures are adding Sync equivalent setups (and larger LCD's) to their cars. Anyway - that's what Ford told me when I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago... -Tacks
  3. Water In The Well

    Very likely to be the 'pollen filter cover' on the passengers side, at the bottom of the windscreen (the 'dimpled' plastic that rises up to meet the bottom of the windscreen). It's 'sealed' by butyl tape type stuff to the windscreen (and a line of dodgy 'foam' - think foam insulating strips for doors). This often perishes / looses it's seal (or gets disturbed, and not replaced when the pollen filter under it is changed). They changed the design a while back (my 53 plate focus has a 'newer one') which has a drip tray type arrangement under it to catch water that does ingress from the windscreen - older ones apparently just let it drip straight into the filter. If you pressure wash your car - don't overly wash the bottom of the windscreen. You can get a 'seal kit' for the existing one - or you can replace it completely (I replaced mine completely when I changed the pollen filter a while back as it was badly disorted - as well as losing it's seal) - the passenger and driver side are seperate covers. Parts were ~£55 I think. Takes about 20 minutes to do - can be a bit tricky (nasty plastic 'lugs' and a single screw hold it in place) - there's some guides on the Internet (as well as general comments about it). It's unfortunately one of those things which is easier to do once you've done it once or twice - which again is usually why it's better getting a replacement cover incase you damage the old one taking it off - or take it to a garage. If the seals gone and there's either no drip tray - or too much water ingress it'll go into the pollen filter (which will stink after a while) - and ends up in the footwell soaking the carpet. It may also end up going past the fan motor - either way you probably want to get it fixed before it causes too much damage... -Tacks
  4. Intermittent Fault With Flick Wipe

    Hi, Been 'flipping cold here late so not had time to do anything other than watch the wipers from within a warm car... Doing that I've noticed when it's playing up - on both flick and intermittant they don't sit properly after wiping. They go from park, over the screen, back (to park) then move a tiny bit forward (you can really see this on intermittant). If it's in a state so that flick wipe does work - they don't do this - they go from park, over the screen - then back to the same low level park. So I wouldn't rule out either mis-alignment, or a sensor... Likewise I've got trusty Haynes round here somewhere so I'll have a look through that. I'm sure between us we'll sort something :-) -Tacks
  5. Intermittent Fault With Flick Wipe

    Snap! My '53 plate 1.8 TDCi Focus (hatch) has just started doing the same thing! :( Not had a chance to check into it properly yet (all the usual intermittant / regular / fast wipes work fine) but the one-shot wipe sometimes stalls, then completes other times it just moves a bit and stops mid-wipe. Thinking back it's done this very occasionally for a while - so possibly a dodgy contact somewhere that's got worse - though more telling when it does work (which it does some of the time) the wipers have to start from their 'fully home' position. Have a look where the wipers 'home' after the wipe (i.e. knock it onto regular wipe - then stop it when the blades are fully parked). On mine if it's: - Playing up: The blades park slightly above the black line on the bottom of the windscreen (passengers side is more noticeable) - you can see a gap between the black on the bottom of the windscreen and the 'parked' blade, which doesn't look right. - Working (which it still does some times): They're parked lower down (i.e. below where the black at the bottom of the windscreen starts) - where you'd expect them to be. My thoughts so far are: - Dodgy connection (though unlikely as regular / intermittant / fast wipe work fine). - Timing / sensor issue - i.e. if it has either different timing or sensor used for the one-shot mode. - The blades just aren't parked properly period. And whilst intermittant /reg / fast copes, one shot freaks out. I'm going to change the blades on mine anyway (getting near a new set needed) - I had at one stage thought it might be because there's too much drag on the blades for the ageing motors at least this will prove that one way or another. If you find anything out or end up fixing it, do post back. Likewise providing the weather gets a bit warmer I'll have a proper look at the w/end and post if I find anything... -Tacks
  6. New Focus Sat Nav

    I checked briefly this morning - nearby dealer said they still can't see this option is orderable on their system, and pointed out it's not on the Ford site either (which it isn't - just checked again :) 'Built 06/2011' does that mean they'll start building it then or it's 'built by then'. I guess it could be we're just getting to the point where it can be ordered. Still no word on the 180PS either. I'm pretty much resigned I won't be buying this year anyway now. -Tacks
  7. New Focus Sat Nav

    I walked too (literally on the day I was due to order)... On reflection the icing on the cake was the screwup on the media option. The other fly in the ointment was the majority of the UK media getting the 180PS model for reviews - that you can't even buy in the UK* Don't get me wrong - it's a nice/great car, but as the rather telling ad on the front page of this forum at the time (from another manufacturer) seems to highlight - others are catching up on the tech front, and everything shown (inc. engines) is 'available now' - not soon / maybe / next year. -Tacks. *Ok, most do mention that model wasn't shipping in the UK but meh.
  8. New Focus Sat Nav

    lol - It is annoying... I mean cars are expensive - sure some people may 'wait', others will walk. I mean it's not like if you buy one now, you're going to change it in 6 months when the 'better version' comes out (which some people will do for things like 'phones ipods and so on). For a 'global' car it doesn't feel like a 'global' release. The 180 PS EcoBoost is also suspiciously missing in the UK as well (but available in other countries) - they're apparently still trying to decide whether to release that in the UK and what versions. News in 2012 again no doubt. So - really annoying. -Tacks
  9. New Focus Sat Nav

    Hi, That option was apparently a mistake on the first price lists - and shouldn't have been listed (which is why it's missing from the current / updated ones). It should be available in the UK sometime Q4 2011. The Ford 'Sync' system is 'similar' - but apparently not the same (both have large touchscreens). There's been some debate on whether the listed 'Sony' system is in fact the same system, but with different firmware - no one seems to know though (and I wouldn't count on any 'firmware' upgrades to turn one into the other!) :) The Sync system (currently available in the US) should be coming to the UK in 2012 -Tacks (Source: Ford UK)