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  1. MkeepXR2i

    mk 1 focus zetec 1.8

    Is that not whats meant to happen? Doesnt sound like a problem to me lol
  2. MkeepXR2i

    Fiesta Mk4 Boot Release

    You can buy universal ones off ebay for cheap.. Not the easiest of things to fit but im sure you could get someone to help :)
  3. MkeepXR2i

    HID Kit!

    A mate of mine got a HID conversion fitted to his fiesta.. I think the key is to get the right power of light.. He has 8000K or summin like that and that looks sweet as piiiiee ;)
  4. MkeepXR2i

    pic of my capri

    Very nice.. 2 cherry pipes eh? :P Love it mate