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  1. Damn Radio Code Woe's

    Outstanding mintalkin, your an absolute star, thank you so much, you've made my day ! :D
  2. Hello to all. After spending a few days in hospital, and then a week stuck in the house recovering, I eventually got to leave the house only to find that while I was being butchered on the operating table, my youngest daughter had gone in our Mondeo to get her school things. Not only did she leave the car unlocked for all that time, but she didn't close the boot fully either ! I was already p*ssed off that I couldn't go out until we could find someone to get the car started, but I got double p*ssed off to find the battery had gone so flat, it wouldn't even power the digital clock, and the trusty radio needs a damn code to get it to work again. After reading through many of the posts on this subject, I got my brother-in-law to get the radio out and write down the seriel number. Seriel No: M098805 If anyone can give me the keycode, I'd be extremely grateful. Zig