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  1. Tyre Recommendations

    thank you for your suggestion but I was asking for something a bit more specific than a manufacturers name . ;) quote Has anyone any recommendations for tyres in the budget to lower mid range ?
  2. Tyre Recommendations

    thank you William I'll have a look at them. They look reasonably priced and are a recognised manufaturer I am looking on behalf of my partner who has a very limited income and similarly limited budget. We are both retired and need to be ultra careful with our limited resources. As I expect you'll know some expensive tyres have an abysmal wet performance and some budget tyres have a quite respectable wet weather performance. How expensive a tyre is is not necessarily a reliable indicator of how good a certain performance characteristic is. If it was a choice for my classic Porsche I'd know exactly what tyres to look for based on 20 years personal experience. I very very rarely drive the Focus and so I have zero experience of the car which is why I'm asking Focus owners to recommend me tyres that they have used.
  3. Tyre Recommendations

    Hi All. I need to buy a pair of budget tyres for my partners 2003 Focus they are 195-60-15-HR All I seem to be offered by all the local companies are no-name unbranded tyres ? Some of which have horrendous reviews The only tyre make I have been offered that I recognize is Khumo KH27 .£55 all in Are these any good ? I'm more concerned with grip especially in the wet and muddy country lanes here in Somerset. I'm not worried about wear or longetivity and they are not going to do any motorway miles . Just speeding round the County lanes at under 60mph Has anyone any recommendations for tyres in the budget to lower mid range ?
  4. Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

    sorry Stef I seem to always have problems loging in on this site for some reason. Firefox playing up. I thought that the price was rather high too but perhaps they also assumed that it had a dual mass clutch ? I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see how they are costing it. They are generally a good bunch and I take all my vehicles to them for MOT . I thought he said that when the shafts are removed they can introduce dirt ? presumably from the gaiters ? I wasn't really paying attention when I realised that he wasn't going to give me a firm price quotation. Theres £ 80 Vat on top of that as well!.... i found two local Ford Focus taxed and MOT'd for half a year for £800 yesterday and both looked a better prospect than keeping this money pit .
  5. Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

    Hi Stef123 thanks for your reply I'm near Crewkerne South Somerset. I got an estimate from sa local garage of £350-400 today but they warned me it was subject to what they find ie new drive shafts etc . I kinda got the impression they were setting me up for undisclosed extras as they have MOT tested the car only last week so know it well .
  6. Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

    sorry I should have mentioned it is a Mk1 (2000 Y reg) so it is the change over year isn't it.
  7. Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

    m good question ! I have no idea. Is there any way I can tell without stripping it ? Just checked the manual and the clutch should be a iB5 type 210mm single dry plate diaphram spring clutch asembly . It doesn't say anything about dual mass ?
  8. has anyone had a Clutch replacement done on this model recently please that could give me an idea of how much it is likely to cost (labour and materials ) if done in a garage . I an unlikely to be able to tackle this on my own due to reoccurring back problem . may have to bite the bullet and scrap the car . many thanks
  9. good idea but unfortunately the MOT tester who adjusted my lights said that there was no indication that the motors were being powered. I tend to use my multimeter for testing but I'll rope SWMBO in tomorrow and try that first ^_^
  10. ok I've done a bit of squinting at the electrical schematics in the manual and I think I have finally cracked it. A live feed goes to one side of the leveling switch (which is a rotary rheostat) The other side of the rheostat goes to earth The centre tap of the rheostat feeds the variable power supply to both the headlamp levelling motors on a Blue/Red wire I need to remove the 2xwire connector to both the headlamp motors and switch the ignition on and test I have a voltage . if I have voltage then I need to check the earth to the motors is good. If both the live feed and the earths to the motors are ok then the motor/s might need replacing. If the earth is good but there is no power from the switch I need to check the 12v supply to the switch (when I can find where it comes from grrrrrrr) It looks like it shares the feed from the headlamp washer fuse . (Diagram 10 Haynes manual) If the motors and earths and rheostat supply is ok I'll need to check/replace the levelling rheostat or replace any defective wiring if there is a break somewhere. Now if it will just stop raining tomorrow .........
  11. blimey thats a mouthful. SWMBO's Hatch has failed the MOT on the headlight levelling switch not working of all things ??? is that legal ? Surely as long as it can be manually adjusted and is within the correct adjustment it should pass? Anyway I digress. How does this system work and how should I go about troubleshooting it and fixing the problem? Looks like there should be a motor in each of the headlights which is controlled by the rotary switch on the dash . I have no idea if the is a seperate fuse , whether it has a circuit board somewhere or even where the motors are as I cannot see much without removing the headlights. Hope someone can cast some light on the subject lol
  12. Help Needed With Paint Codes Please

    thanks for your advice lester. i am aware of course of the option to put the car into a body shop but as I'm sure you'll realise to replace a front wing and spray it would likely cost in excess of £750 ! which is probably more than the value of a 2001 Focus in poor condition. It cost £1250 last year to replace and spray my rear bumper on another car! fortunately the insurance paid for it . This is why I have chosen to do the job myself and it should cost less than £75 including the new wing Its a very simple job which I have done dozens of times over the past 48 years of driving , I just need to be able to order the right paint
  13. Help Needed With Paint Codes Please

    thank you lester . i know that you are right about matching paints I have had to do quite a lot of accident repairs to my cars over the years. Bodyshops do some amazing work especially matching cellulose paint with water based paints. the problem that I have here is that there are 3x different coloured paints all with the same 'P' code ,all with the same name Red Pepper and two with the same year of manufacture.1998 Only one of these paints is the correct one for my car. Its going to cost me £30.00 to order the paint and if its the wrong one I'll have to spend a further £30.00 for the other one.This is in addition to the Red pepper paint I bought this week which is the 2003 paint which is completely the wrong colour. I'm not talking about a different shade. This is a Plum colour and the car is more like a dark pepper colour . God this is difficult to get across in a few lines of text
  14. Help Needed With Paint Codes Please

    yes the paint code is shown in my first post 5th line down (P8) It looks like there are 2x different Red Pepper paints with a P code and manufactured in 1998 used on Focus up to 2001. I don't know which it is .nor do Fords at Bristol