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how does this work then

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  1. Look What I Have Now

    I am 6" tall and its not too bad with seat way back, long journeys you do get leg aches and ear ache from the exhaust cos its loud but great fun to drive and gets lots of attention wherever we take it
  2. Look What I Have Now

    A1994 spi1275. Just been restored (£££££) full Respray, saving for some new wheel and interior mods and jobs a good un!!
  3. Look What I Have Now

    a real beauty off to join the mini gang, still got a focus for mrs!!!
  4. Focus Front Wheel Bearings

    the bloke at my local garage says that the rumbling noise is a sign that the box is on the way out, its like a constant rumble but not a noisey one if you get my drift,he rekons there is metal agianst metal somwhere.gonna try topping it up and see what happends Andy
  5. Focus Front Wheel Bearings

    now its the gearbox!!!!! so anybody know if a 2003 1.6 se gearbox will fit a 2000 1.6 ztec ,found one for £50 squids on ebay with only 49k on it Bargin or what!!!!!
  6. Focus Front Wheel Bearings

    hi gang, any advice as to how easy to change front wheel bearings on a 2000 1.6 focus ,i have been told that as they are 'pressed in' it could be a garage only option, or it could only need the hub nut to be re-tightend thanks for any help
  7. Oil Filters

    mine came off with one go with removal tool ,very plaesed with that,had more trouble with the air filter cover, that must have been designed by a gibbon,the round thingys that the screws are in are usless GRRRRRRR
  8. Oil Filters

    after a search on the interweb,found some sound advice,telling me to replace like with like!! got exact one from halfords and the charged me 50p !!! thanks for the scary tights story ,i thought we was on oil filters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 cheers
  9. Oil Filters

    mine is in the middle of the lower engine ,so what now what?( double GGrrrr)
  10. Oil Filters

    hi gang just been to halfords for oil filter for zetec se 1.6 ,the one on the car is longer than the halford new one ,is this ok or will i have to go and get anther one that the same as on engine at moment(grrrrrrr)
  11. Still Got It

    garage said bent conrods,when turbo blew the engine started to burn oil as fuel ,reving the nuts off it and would not turn off even when i took the key out,so had to stall it on the clutch(max revs to zero in a split second ouch) its got lovely tyres on it!!
  12. Still Got It

    it had 2 goes on ebay reserve of £500, had one muppet who bid and then said it was a mistake,over 1000 views ,maybe cos its broke and in sunny cornwall people dont want it,body work and kit are in top condition and its a ghia ,just not running !!
  13. Still Got It

    the engine comes free!
  14. Still Got It

    hi gang , anybody want a project! mondeo tdci with broken engine and no turbo stuck on drive since april (ebayed twice) !!!!