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  1. Towbar Wiring

    thanks again Simon, will keep you updated on my progress
  2. Towbar Wiring

    this info has saved me a lot of work running wires through car, So basically run I wire at 40amp with a 30amp fuse and this will supply fridge/ charger etc ? Regards Paul
  3. Towbar Wiring

    I am currently rewiring my towbar electrics and I'm also adding a 12s plug too (white one). To save running several 12 volt feeds to it can I simply run 1 direct from battery to supply its power ?? If this is possible then what amp wire shall I use ?? Many thanks Paul
  4. Egr Blank Fitted 1.8 Tdci 08 Plate

    Hi mateCan this be done to a 2007 2.0L tdci Many Thanks Paul
  5. Message Chimes

    Thanks for replies I use same key all the time, battery is fine and always save settings. Paul
  6. Message Chimes

    Does anyone know why the message chimes on stalk keep going to the off position?, it does this every 2 days or so. Many Thanks Paul 2007 2.0L tdci
  7. Water In Drivers Door

    Many Thanks Stoney, will pass on info and will keep you postedRegards Paul
  8. Water In Drivers Door

    Hi A friend of mine owns a 2004 Fiesta and the drivers door keeps filling up with water. Are there any areas that need sealing and also there are no drain holes in bottom ?? Many Thanks in advance Paul
  9. Rear Hub Bolts

    Hi Lenny I have bought 8 new bolts from my local Ford dealer, the part number is now 1539719 and are £1.14 + vat each. Many Thanks for your help Paul
  10. Rear Hub Bolts

    Thanks for info mate,is this the part no that any ford dealer would use ? will go to Evans Halshaw Manchester Tues Thanks again Paul
  11. Rear Hub Bolts

    yeh replaced both sides but some are female torx and some male torx and different lengths too. was going to buy 8 new but all the same.Regards Paul
  12. Rear Hub Bolts

    Hi Lenny Would the bolts be part no HS1 ?
  13. Rear Hub Bolts

    Sorry meant to say the 8 bolts for securing hubs to rear of car Thanks Again
  14. Rear Hub Bolts

    Does anyone know where i can buy all 8 rear hub bolts for my Focus 2007 2.0L TDCI ? Many Thanks Paul
  15. Eolys 176 Fluid Top Up - How Often?

    Hi Will mine have this fluid? mk2 2.0l tdci ghia. 2007 if so where do i top up? Many thanks Paul