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  1. Sat Nav Sd Card Update

    Hi, Can anyone suggest the best place to get the latest SD card update for my Grand C max 2012 not the Sony model. Thankyou in advance.
  2. Satnav Update

    Hi, Any help with updating a 2102 satnav system. I understand you have to update via a sd card. Where to get one and most important how much do they cost ? Regards Mike
  3. Owners Handbook

    Thankyou very much for that .I can work out all the goodies now. Regards Mike
  4. Owners Handbook

    As I said my version is in French I am English
  5. Owners Handbook

    Hi, Looking for help just purchased a 2012 Grand C Max and need a owners handbook. Anyone suggest where I can get one reasonably priced. I live in France so the book I have is in French looking for an English version. Thanks
  6. Engine Management

    It seems to be that even though I have changed the lamdas it could be something else.Have not lost any power at all.I find the engine idles a little lumpy when hot .Any other suggestions please seems I am throwing money at this. When the codes were read it said both front lamdas were faulty hence the change. Thanks again
  7. Hi, Just had a long protracted problem with my Mondeo 2.5 ghia x.The engime management light came on had a diagnostic test and it showed both front Lamda sensors were faulty. Just paid £ 400 to have them replaced and heho drove 30 miles and guess what the engine management light has come on again. The car has done 71.000 miles only. Before I go back to a garage and fork out a fortune any ideas please to what it could be Thankyou all.
  8. Lamda Sensor

    Hi, Just wanted to ask .Went to change a Lamda sensor on my Mondeo 2005 2.5 with a Bosch replacement. Unfortunatly the two connecting lugs are in a different position.Can I cut them off so I can fit the sensor. The pins and main connector are correct just the lugs in the wrong place. Thanks
  9. Ignition Coil

    Been told they have both failed according to the diagnostic check
  10. Ignition Coil

    Here I am again .Been adviced while changing the Lamdas on my 2005 mondeo 2.5 ghia x tronic 70.000 miles on the clock I should consider changing the coil pack. Should I be spending another £80.00 on a whim just in case ? or just have the Lamdas changed.
  11. Hi, Help please need to buy both Lamdas for my 2005 Mondeo Ghia x Auto also it was suggested I change the coil pack at the same time. Where is the best place to go for the best price Many Thanks
  12. Lamda Problem

    They used a plug in diagnostic handheld machine.I am a little concerned after some of the replies ie using wd40 !
  13. Lamda Problem

    Help please took my Mondeo 2005 2.5 ghia x for a MOT and when I got the car back the engine management light was on. When a diagnostic check was done it said both Lamda sensors were faulty,Garage checked the connections sprayed them with wd40 and bingo problem gone. Unfortunatly 10 miles down the road the engine management light has come on again.Now been told both Lamdas are faulty and will cost £400 to replace. The car had done just 70.000 miles any advice please Thankyou in anticipation
  14. Tyre Valves

    Help please.Having problems with a 2005 ghia x 2.5 with the tyre valves leaking. Is it possible to change the so called auto valves for normal valves. Are the holes in the rim standard size ? Thanks in anticipation Mike