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  1. Annoying Rattle

    There is a very annoying rattle in the car and I beginning to lose the plot with it can any one help. Ps I think it's the boot but I can't be positive. Thanks
  2. I want one also. I have just fitted the j1 and mountune exhaust to my zs petrol and am think about it but I don't no.
  3. Dose changing your springs to ebach affect your warranty if you do it your self
  4. My New Ford Spec Fiesta Zs

    Nice car where did you get your mud flaps from and what was fitting like
  5. Thanks Ben but I just bought them after I asked you lol. I guy I work with new a guy got them for 120
  6. Ben where did you get your springs from
  7. Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    Yea it dose thanks for the help!
  8. Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    Thanks for the help toothy, do you no what your performance gains were?
  9. Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    Thanks for the help guys. In regards to the heat soak the j1 is protected buy a heat sheald to stop that.
  10. Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    That is very you do get what you pay for I am asking this question but I no myself what I want lol.
  11. I have recently been looking into upgrading the performance of my 2010 zetec s. I am un shure on witch induction kit to buy, the j1 or the pipercross one from pumaspeed. The j1 is £212 and the pipercross is £119. Now j1 says 5 bhp but on pumaspeed they say 6bhp but they say the standard zs is 135 bhp so I am unsure on how reliable that is.
  12. 40 per wheel and that's in Glasgow and cash. Also I got my the same stuf as Inath and my wing mirrors dun yellow and mountune stripes on as well for £150 that was gun metal gray.
  13. Bluefin Superchip

    I wonder why mountune say it's 7.9 to 60 then this seams strange I am prity shure there is a YouTube vidio that says it's 8.9 as well. Then you also have to consider the new s1600 has 134 and hits 60 in 8.7
  14. Bluefin Superchip

    Do you happin to no the 0-62 time of your car mine is ment to be 9.7 but it feels alot faster I think with the j1 and mountune exhaust and this it should be 7.5ish