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  1. Reverse Light/ Fog Light Switch :s

    Hi guys thought I'd keep you in the loop. Problem sorted Turns out the wires had been switched underneath the boot trim and behind the fabric boot linings, sooo as simple as swapping them back! I did buy a Haynes manual and chase the wires back to the main plugs but was baffled by that point so I'm glad it was easy fix!! Thanks for your help!
  2. Reverse Light/ Fog Light Switch :s

    Okies I'll have a dig about anyway if not id rather cross the wires in the boot somewhere. I can't understand why it would be like that in the first place :-s Is it easy to remove the trim to get to the wires, Thanks
  3. Reverse Light/ Fog Light Switch :s

    I don't mind :) Any clues to where I might find a connector? I'm hoping it will just be a case of swapping pins if not I'll take the easy option and cross the wires over....I hope :) Thanks
  4. Reverse Light/ Fog Light Switch :s

    Thanks I will check when I get home, I'm in Germany atm and I only bought the car Saturday. Is it an easy job removing the side trims in the boot to check? And if there isn't anything obvious would I be ok to just switch the wires inside? I will pick up a Haynes manual asap but do you know if both wires go to the same plug somewhere and it be as simple as just switching them over? Thanks for your help I will keep you posted so you can help me somemore :)
  5. Hi all :) This is my first post so I hope it's in the right place! I'm hoping to utilise some of your Lerned minds :) I have recently sold both my astra Vxr and astra sxi to a much more insurance friendly 1.4 sport focus on a 56 plate. Anyhoooo The other night I noticed that when I put the car into reverse the rear fog light illuminates insted of the reverse White light! And thus the reverse light illuminates on activating the rear fog light! :s Any ideas.......? :) It would be handy if I could get hold of a wiring diagram or schematic. Also I have heard of when taking a car into othe left had drive countries for considerable periods of time the vehicle having the lights switched along with new lenses?! It's a full uk model first registered in the uk with the correct lenses on the right Sides, Can anyone help? Please :)