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  1. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Thought i would post a update on this. Made it to Liverpool and a few extra miles on top of that (circa 300 miles) and unfortuantely RaskL my temp repair held fine LOL :P :P ;) Was a bit more than just tape wrapped around it though. Anyhow ordered the Silicone replacement pipe and it arrived last Monday, found it was about 3/4 inch short in length at the top of the right hand bend and was worried that it wouldn't fit correctly. Lucky the pipe sits a good couple of inches at both ends so with a bit of adjustment it fitted ok - a bit tight though. Got the clamps good and tight and sat just after the raised pipe ridges and hopefully is nice and sealed. Drove back home Sunday and all sounded nice and quiet and fully resolved!! (thank god - only a £36 fix) Anyhow thanks for all the posts/advise etc - appreciated
  2. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Thought it was a good price for a silicone pipe LOL Cheapest i can find on ebay for a rubber pipe is about £40/5 inc P&P UK or £30 from poland!! When i rang ford earlier the cheapest pipe section was £50 upto £108!!
  3. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Cheers Think i will do as wasted my no call out bonus!!! Found this pipe which according to the numbers is a direct Ford Finis number 1496238 replacement - going to call them tomorrow morning http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_2330wt_3527
  4. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Cheers raskL - you were spot on!!! So took the pipe and metal part off and low and behold i found the spilt within seconds (stupid RAC man - knew that was going to be a waste of time!!!) Here the split I've got to really go up to liverpool tomorrow which is about 250 miles - noticed on way home on motorway that once you up to speed and only accelerate gently it didn't make the whhoooossshhh sound but only when you accelerate a bit harder so guess i should be ok. RAC man said won't cause any damage if gets worse and it only cools the air for turbo efficiency rather than keep the actual turbo cool Anyhow - going to order a part to get delivered asap - the silicone one is abroad and takes ages to arrive so will find a normal pipe instead for speed. Done a temp repair using some old pond liner, electric tape in several layers with some big !Removed! black tape over the whole lot Took car for a spin and the loud whooshing has stopped but you can still hear a faint whistling now instead as i guess its not 100% airtight but much improved and hopefully will be good enough of a temp repair until replaced - thoughts on this.
  5. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    I figured its most likely that pipe but inspection at lunch was no help. Decided to call rac out in the hope that they would at least fine it and i would know which bit to buy but NO - he checked all the pipes all by hand and said couldn't see or feel a split and said need to take to a garage to check it out properly!!! Going to go out there now and remove the pipes and inspect them myself and hope i fine something!! Not likely to be the actual intercooler is it?
  6. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Might as well use this post (was a duplicate LOL Is this the likely part that would of split/fallen off?? (I know where this is in the engine bay LOL) http://www.ebay.co.u...6571#vi-content I suppose this could also be another possible culprit http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-Ford-Focus-1-8-Tdci-Duratorq-Intercooler-Pipe-Hose-2005-2010-/220930076300?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3370756e8c Where abouts would i find this in the engine bay??
  7. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    Bit of an update on this. A woman at work has a Zetec 1.8 tdci and had the intercooler/turbo pipe split on her which resulted in a complete loss of power etc. Asked her to sit in car whilst i drive it to listen to the noise. She said its the same sound she had so i guess where hers went completely mine is on its way out. So assuming it is the pipe can anyone guide me to were i should be looking in the engine bay to locate this?? Is this easy enough to replace yourself?? Also i am supposed to driving upto Liverpool tomorrow evening (250+ miles) - what should i do??? Will it be ok to drive there or should i delay the trip and get it fixed first?
  8. Right firstly apologies if this is an issue that has been previously answered resolved but im posting this at work and they got us on an outdated version of internet explorer and the web pages don’t load correctly – due to this I have no search option lol Anyhow – advise please.. Driving into work this morning (TDCI 1.8 2006 focus) and I noticed what I can just describe as what sounds like the vent fans whooshing up on acceleration – not had time to check further and started literally 2 mins before parking up. Basically sounds like fan switches up to max & this seemed to only occur during acceleration. Any ideas what this may be – from previous reading I guess the intercooler pipe maybe?? (split or slipped loose??) I reved the car up a few times when parked and the sound would not replicate but I could hear the usual quiet turbo whoosh as the revs drop down as usual which sounded fine Bit of further info – no loss of power or decrease of MPG at the moment All advise would be greatly appreciated TIA
  9. Engine Systems Warning Light

    No dpf on 1.8 mate
  10. Coolant Leak

  11. Coolant Leak

    You could always use egg yolk lol Depends were the leak is I suppose, stuff like radweld etc don't damage anything Imho - all this stuff goes through tons of testing. Obviously best to find leak if there is one but if all the obvious places are fine (there would be obvious signs of leakage with stains etc) then its worth a shot. I used to have an Belmont and had to top it up every week without fail, chucked this stuff in and never had to top it up again in the 3 years after before it was scrapped. More last resort action though.
  12. Coolant Leak

    I had some fluid level issues like u, and no visable sign of a leak, all coolant hoses were fine and no signs of small dripping or anything and from what I could tell the rad looks ok?? So stuck some radweld in coolant topped it back up and not had an issue since to be honest and been doing a lot of miles to.
  13. Advice Sort On Tensioner

    Yer i can't see there being any Guarantee either (part from a possible 12 mth parts type) Don't worry going to get both the tensioner and cambelt changed now, will firstly complain to customer services and see what happens (tell you now - NOTHING!!! LOL) Getting car a full service first (dam warrenty needing stamp in book!!! - so expensive - I could get Kwik fit to do a oil and filter change for £35.00 then change the fuel/air/pollen filters myself and have change from a ton... going to cost between £220 & £280 depending where i take it!!!) and i'll get the cam & Ten done in a mth or twos times once i saved a bit of extra cash!
  14. Advice Sort On Tensioner

    i'll stick to my original statement i think "generally i only ever use a main dealer for cambelt changes" As you say they going to be doing alot more than a independant!
  15. Advice Sort On Tensioner

    Really!! Can't see them doing that for longer than 12 mths though?? Going to see what customer services say - rang eailer but shut so will call then sat morning. Cheers for thoughts