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  1. I'll soon be leaving the Ford family as picking up a 2019 Seat Arona Fr Sport this Friday. Thinking of the alloys as they are Diamond cut. Any one have this insurance from what company. And how was making a claim.
  2. Mines a 2010 Zetec S on 40000 miles. I've just had to have two bottom arms, droplinks and any other bushes replaced to cure a noisy front end (creaking and grinding). Top mounts were checked and found to be ok.
  3. Type R, like driving a go-cart.
  4. I've got the same problem again. Its not the gear stick end but gearbox end of cable's. When it first started I greased up under the gear stick gaitor but that didn't silence it but when I done the other end It did. But its just started doing it again though!
  5. Having 2 tyres replaced tomorrow. Avon ZV7 at £60 each fitted. have used these before , excellent grip in wet and dry.
  6. Was this with Flux Direct or Adrian Flux
  7. Mine came back from its first Ford service smothered in grease.
  8. I've a 2010. brought it when it was 6 months old. Replaced steering column as it was grinding. Replaced lower N/S front arm as bottom joint worn out at 37000 miles. Replaced header tank cap as jammed in. Common Fault. (use lots of silicon grease on replacement). Gear linkage cables make a squeeking noise in cold weather.
  9. Have you not got two small buttons to right of display?
  10. This happened to me just last weekend. i just kept on playing with the button and it eventually started working correctly again. Might be somethink to do with the freezing cold weather? Had to reset one touch again as it would not go up on its own.
  11. We use an ipod in a 2010 fiesta and have it plugged into both the USB socket and the audio jack. Works fine
  12. I'd say new battery req. Is it still the original battery.
  13. Just had my cambelt done and told the mechanic to change the water pump as well . When he got it striped down he found the original pump was leaking. Only a very small one mind you but surely to get worse. Cars done 3200
  14. Thought screenwash was blue? Waters clear
  15. Thought mine had frozen only to find the wife had emptied it.
  16. Thanks for the reply's guys n Girl. Both done for £243 inc vat.
  17. Any one able to tell me the rough cost to replace both springs including labour before I ring around tomorrow. Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire Border
  18. My 1.6 petrol in the summer says 310 miles to empty when full. Filled it up couple days ago and said 260. Its driven mostly 3.2 miles to work and back 5 times a week.
  19. Since you last reset the mpg gauge
  20. Try looking at the website of the polish manufacturer you've been using. You may find your answer there.
  21. Take it back to the dealer if its a 2015 as its still under warranty
  22. I had fitted 4 Avon ZV7 couple months ago after looking at the rainsports but Avons were slightly cheaper. Both A rating for wet grip, Avon's slightly quieter but there economy slightly heavier. Feel good in the wet. Just wait and see now on the wear rate..
  23. You could always get both wheels done in VW pepper gray and give the bill to your mum.
  24. Think I read on here the connectors are under the scuttle. One of which gets hit by the windscreen wiper mechanism and so develops a fault. Cant help any more than that.
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