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  1. Thanks I was hoping to get the surround that goes round the 2 air vents and down to the climate control buttons Carnt seem to find those on eBay
  2. hi all ive just bought a ford kuga only problem i can find is the dab stereo trim has been messed around with If you have a look at the pictures it looks like previous owner has tried pulling it out with a screwdriver or similar. My question is is there anyway of sorting this,can the trim around the stereo and air vents and heater control be replaced and can the thin trim on the stereo itsself be replaced, sounds like it could be expensive buying a new replacement dab radio for it was looking for a new trim if you know anywere they sell these any help would be great thanks Thanks clair
  3. Hi all Hope this is in the right section, been having few problems with my focus when i seems to put my toe down im getting a warning come up on dash saying (engine malfunction) car goes in to limp mode with no power. Ive been told it could be the (Control Boost Solenoid Valve) does any body know were this is located in the engine bay so i could take a look the car is a ford focus 1.6 2009 model estate many thanks andy
  4. Ford Focus 1.6 2009 Dashboard Problem

    thanks stoney,i think il stick to the orginal to avoid any more problems
  5. Ford Focus 1.6 2009 Dashboard Problem

    Hi thanks for the replies,been having a look around inside the car today and figured out the problem,i had a new mp3 player fitted on saturday ive just replaced it back to standard cd player and the problem with the dashboard has now gone out. looks like there was something causing it to keep the dashboard light on not sure what but ive replaced the mp3 player that i put in back to standard cd player and its fixed the problem. thought i would try this before ringing the dealer i got the car from. thank andy
  6. Hi all, just recently bought a ford focus 1.6 2009 model,only bought the car last thursday and went to use the car tonight the 1st time since bringing it home,and went to start the car and it had a flat battery. ive noticed that the lights on the dash will not go out,managed to jump start the car and now the car has been locked for about 8 hours and the dash lights are still lit up,upon reading about this it should normally go out within 30 minutes 1 hour max. would this be a expensive to fix or were would i stand as ive only had the car less than a week and only drivien it back from the garage. many thanks andy hope someone can help me out.
  7. Headrests

    all sorted now
  8. Headrests

    Hi all, Just got back today with my 2009 ford s-max also bought some seat covers,is it possible to remove the driver and passenger head rests as the covers ive bought will not go over the top of them. thanks andrew