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  1. Ford Focus Sport 2007

    I parked next to an ST in the local shopping centre and it appears that the headlights are exactly the same and as the grill is part of the bumper i think it will work too. You got any idea of how much a new bumper would set me back? cheers mate
  2. Ford Focus Sport 2007

    Hi guys and girls, I have bought a Ford Focus Sport 2007 model which is a 1.8 litre engine. I am only 18 and an ST wasn't an option due to insurance and turbos. My car is white and has the blue ST stripes. I really want to make my car look more like an ST so i was wondering if a front bumper off an ST the same age would fit on my car? Also some of the lovely locals decided to key my car across the vinyl on the way back from the pub. Does anyone know where I am able to purchase a whole new vinyl set for my car? Will 6 x 9 speakers fit in the rear doors? Thanks for reading if anyone has any tips then they would be appreciated Cheers, Chris
  3. Escort for sale

    Selling mark 4 1990 escort its a 1.3 bonus but the lump is an XR3 the car is heavily modified. The car currently is ready for a custompaint job its all primered! Includes the stunning black alloys includig a spare too M3 Mirrors with indicators built in - i didnt get around to wiring them up though... 5 inch custom stainless steel exhaust - you will be heard! RS turbo body kit for the old school look! No rust! and my favourite - the RECARO racing seats which are like arm chairs in a car! and i have just had a new module fitted which set me back £113.78 - i have receipt! all in all the car is an absolute monster with loads of power and easily handled - suprisingly it is great on fuel! Bad bits! Hand brake light is permenantly on... could do with a new gear remote which cost £25 driver side windscreen wiper isnt fixed firmly but still works - just needs a clip. Driver side mirror needs to be fiber glassed as a lovely drunk bloke thought he would do me a favour of smashing it off! + he dented my driver side door too... Make me an offer if your interested cheers.
  4. 1990 Mark 4 Escort

    Well my mate said if i striped it and sold everything seperate i would get around £700 due to selling all of the modifications rather than just a standard escort. I wouldn't let it go for £350 - £390. I also forgot to mention the car is primared ready for a custom paint job. Would you recommend me striping it or keeping it as a running car? Cheers
  5. 1990 Mark 4 Escort

    Hi team, ive got a mark 4 1990 escort it is a 1.3 bonus with a 1.6 XR3. The engine is an efi or something like that, has a turbo bodykit, induction kit, 5 inch stainless steel custom exhaust, recaro racing seats, full set of rs turbo alloys with matching spare with new tires all around and it is basically a whole lot of fun and runs sweeeeet! I'm considering selling it so if anyone is interested then let me know what price they would be willing to pay... My mate said to strip it and sell it in parts as there are a lot of mods but its all hastle and time I don't have as I need transport. Selling due to commuting everyday and fed up of sitting in traffic - so back to biking for me!!! Any questions gimme a call on 07535659097 cheers, Chris.
  6. Hi, ive been told that i need new rear bulb holders for my escort. I went down to the local garage who contacted Ford. Ford where unable to help as they no longer make this part for the car. Has anyone got any from a 1990 mk 4 escort or from the same era? If not is their anywhere i can go to purchase some? Cheers Dods
  7. 1990 Mk4 Escort

    Hi guys and girls, It was my 18th last week and i decided to buy an old school Escort! The car has been lowered and is like a go kart and i realy would like it to be slightly higher as i am currently scraping on speed bumps. How much for new springs and to have them fitted? My lights also work like a mobile disco, they do what they like! When indicating right it can either stick or the rear tail light flashes. Is this need for a relay or do the ground connections need cleaning? There is a lot of slack in the gearbox, should i get a new one of can this be fixed? Finally question, there is rattling coming from the engine does anyone have any ideas of how to get rid of it or what it is likely to be? Thanks for reading and any replies will be much appreciated, Dods