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  1. smax official trouble topic

    Hello Posting this in case anyone else has come across the same problems and has a clue how to fix them \ had any dealings with Ford they can share Problem 1 - Unable to open boot and petrol cap. Everything fine until the weekend when we went to fill up with fuel and now cannot get the door covering the petrol cap open. It is acting like the car is locked (even though it isn't). We also cannot get the boot open as despite using the remote button on the key fob it stays locked, again even when the car is unlocked. It's in Ford at the moment as without being able to put diesel in it the car is pretty useless. Ford don't seem to know what the problem is and want to charge £160 to "investigate". Problem 2 - random sudden deflation of tyres. Probably my most worrying concern. We have now on 6 separate occasions had tyres suddenly deflate on us for no apparent reason. This includes the original fit tyres from Ford plus replacements. We've had the valves changed each time, used different tyre fitters and the tyres in question have always had a good amount of tread left and no other obvious signs of damage. Once this appeared to happen overnight but on the other 5 occasions this has happened when I have been driving at speed on dual carriageway \ motorway. We've raised the problem with Ford who dismissed it as "one of those things" however after 5 flats at speed I am feeling lucky to be alive! Problem 3 - Parking sensors stopped working. Annoying but irrelevant whilst we cannot drive the car anyway. We've also had the problem with the air con leaking into the drivers footwell, the bonnet catch sticking preventing us from closing the bonnet properly, had to have the boot catch replaced after it failed and we could not close the boot at all and generally I have been unhappy with the general quality of finish as bits seem to keep falling off. We are not intending to buy Ford again!