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  1. Ah ok lol was gonna say I am FordOC lol. The OC is owners club but we are known as FordOC so as not to confuse. Although, there was a mess up with the display areas.....the XR4 group ended up in the wrong coned off area and we ended up without an area so we got moved next to you guys......a few people got a bit confused and parked on our stand instead.
  2. This is now sorted. My dad spent nearly 3 hours at the scrap yard getting the windscreen out of an escort ghia. My neighbour then fitted it and my dad spent another few hours working out where all the wires went and what they were for. Once he had figured them all out, he chopped up the wiring loom we got and made it fit in to my car. I now have a heated front screen and heated washer jets that all work perfectly :-)
  3. Wow now that is some great filming! Really shows the day off well I think. The two people walking away from the camera at about 0.23 is my partner and me. I had his hoody on which says Dave 09 on the back. lol. Excellent stuff :-) Chris - Simply Ford is usually the first Sunday of May :-)
  4. Hi all, I have recently had my windscreen crack quite badly and I am looking to get a heated front screen to replace it. My car currently does not have a heated front screen and I had it crack 2 years ago, went through the insurance and they replaced it with another non-heated screen. The excess to have it replaced again is £75 so figured if I can get a heated screen at a pretty reasonable price that it would be better value. The plug behind the switch for the heated front screen is there, we are looking to see if the relays are there and other wiring. Has anyone on here ever put a heated front screen on to a car wihtout before and can give me any tips? And could I ask if anyone has any recommendations on places to get hold of a heated front screen. My cheapest quote so far has been £120 and my neighbour, who works for a windscreen company, can fit it for me. If anyone can help please let me know on here or email: itz_me_rachel_101@yahoo.co.uk Thanks, Rachel
  5. Escort Rear Bumper Mk6

    I went straight to my local Ford dealer and ordered paint from them which is a perfect match for my car. It wasn't too pricey either....could be worth a try.
  6. I have been told that the ST bumpers do not fit on a mk3 mondeo, is this true??
  7. Hey From Plymouth/ Dorset

    Mmm yes I agree.... Ah excellent yeah :D
  8. Hey From Plymouth/ Dorset

    long and complicated story lol ha ha why hello there stranger, didn't realise you were on here. lol
  9. Hey From Plymouth/ Dorset

    yeah :) I am not on eodc anymore
  10. heya, how are you?

  11. Escort Mk6

    Wow nice car, you gonna mod it at all?? I have a mk6 1.6 finesse as well but in silver.
  12. Hey From Plymouth/ Dorset

    Yeah you were on eodc weren't you?