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  1. Bluetooth And Cruise Control Problems

    Perhaps I have not made myself clear enough and have not described the problem I am encountering and I don't understand that how you, orcomma, can from any of the above defer that I have not read the manual and do not know how to operate the cruise control?! Anyway that's all besides the point and I apologise to Amberes for being slightly snappy and for obviously misleading you. I shall now try to be a bit more clear. When the Cruise Control has been put into standby, setting the speed with the '+' button, this has NO effect. The cruise control does not activate and no light illuminates on the dash. I have only found that after becoming rather irritaed, that pressing the '+' button a few times continually, this then sets the cruise control at the current speed. Thanks for the help
  2. Bluetooth And Cruise Control Problems

    ....Yes im aware of what the buttons do, its just they are evidently not working properly and each button does not perform the required action, im just looking for an explanation for this, possible a wire shorting in the circuit?
  3. I have an '11 plate Titanium, and up until now have had no problems. Firstly I cannot connect/bond my phone to the Bluetooth, it comes up on my phone as connected and plays music through the head unit for say 20 secs but the just disconnects? And the phone does not come up in the list of phone paired on the Head Unit Secondly the cruise control only works after repeatedly pressing the '+' button, the on button seems to have no effect Hope someone is able to help Cheers
  4. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    Yes it would look a lot better if it was more integrated into the bumper, but the reason is because it requires to be retro fitted by the dealer
  5. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    Fiesta Centura Specification The vehicles will be based off a Zetec 1.25L 82PS Petrol & will only be available in Panther Black Exterior features to differentiate it from a standard Zetec as shown in attachment 1.: • Panther Black metallic paint with contrasting Moondust Silver Door Mirror Cappings • LED Daytime Running Lights (Dealer Fit – supplied by MS Design) • 16" Alloys Interior features to improve comfort and convenience: • DAB Radio with Bluetooth and USB • Lumbar Support • Rear View Camera • Rear Parking Sensors • Automatic Headlights, windscreen wipers and dimming mirror • Front and Rear Velour Floor Mats These vehicles will be centrally wholesaled and no further options are available on these vehicles. On The Road Prices: Fiesta Centura 1.25L 82PS Petrol 3 Door - £13,395 Fiesta Centura 1.25L 82PS Petrol 5 Door - £13,995 Important:- LED daytime running lights are a compulsory Dealer fit action. Please refer to the ordering/fitment process in attachment 1 & 2. <---
  6. Speaker/sub Connection

    When connecting the speaker wire to the Subwoofer itself, what sort of connection is needed? Is it a banana plug, spade connector or something ? I have not got any of the kit yet, just wanted to make sure what i was doing before i plunged myself into the deep end and also how about securing the speaker wire into the amp, what connection is needed there? Could someone send a few links as i cant seem to find anything that looks suitable. Cheers
  7. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    I had a copy emailed to me it, it was Ford product news, however after reading i deleted it from my inbox, apologies and ok good luck and let us know how you get on !
  8. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    "Ford is offering a launch incentive, whereby all series during July/August build will have DAB radio as standard." As far as I know all the other amendments take action form July the 4th, so hopefully yours is built after then, contact your dealer see what they say regarding the build date.
  9. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen or heard but Ford are amending the various Fiesta Models, They have a done a few updates; carpeted the rear back seats; chrome interior door handles; new Zetec will benefit from 15" Alloys in the style of the optional Zetec S 17" Alloys as standard; DAB Radio will be offered on all series; The Titanium benefits from a new Chrome Strip on the Front Upper Grille and finally my favourite the 'Metal' in place of the S1600 .. • 1.6 134ps Ti VCT engine. • The will be a Limited run of 1000 units. • NEW body kit, featuring silver painted elements in the front bumper, chrome look fog lights and a dual chrome exhaust. • Black 17" Alloys will be standard, Silver versions will be optional. • Black leather seats with silver contrast stitching (heated seats as standard) • Leather handbrake • Leather gear knob
  10. Pioneer Speakers

    Has anyone gone ahead and fitted the speakers/cleansweep etc.? Im looking to do exactly the same just thought id ask on some advice speaker wise, what sort of things are any good? Possibly going down the Alpine route, found the PXE-H650 processor/cleansweep, brand new posted from the US for £180, bargain, twice the price on the Uk based car audio websites! Looking for some Alpine 6.5" comps for the front and a 2/3 channel amplifier depending on whether I decide on getting a sub or not. Is it not worth upgrading the rear speaker? Also what what to people recommend for mid price wiring kits/speaker wire? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  11. Oem Integration

    Hi All, Does anyone here have any knowledge of any decent processors? Ive found an Alpine one on ebay £180 posted, its the PXE-H650, anyone know if its any good? Cheers George
  12. Standard Head Unit Sub And Amp Fitting

    Just found this, its connecting the rca converter off the back of the head unit which is what i'd favour, rather than splicing into the rear speaker cables! Cheers
  13. Standard Head Unit Sub And Amp Fitting

    Thanks very much for the help, regarding replacing the head unit, not really a fan of after market HU's in the MK7, doesn't look right imo. However I am aware you can get a processor/cleansweep which improves the sq with out changing the head unit, I have briefly looked into this and they're not cheap! Do you know anything about these and whether or not they are worth the cash? Thanks again George
  14. Standard Head Unit Sub And Amp Fitting

    Ok im with you, thanks for the reply. How did you go about connecting the remote lead? Was there also a suitable hole in the firewall for the power lead to run through, or did you have to drill through and then grommet the hole? Cheers
  15. Hi To All

    Cheers for the welcome! and Paul, did you you add that chrome strip yourself on the front grille in your pics? Suits the Titanium very nicely!