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  1. Had the ford engineer out who also said its a fault, having had a valve changed and what i am told the "brains" of the ABS as recommended by the ford engineer still not fixed, its been going on some time and have been repeatedly let down by the dealer. They are taking it off of my hands due to another problem bring on 2 weeks when my MK3 Focus Estate arrives :D Thanks for your help Katie
  2. As it's a brand new car thankfully the dealership is looking into everything for me had the master technician out in it with me and it's definitely linked to the abs as noise doesn't happen when the three fuses linked to that are out! The dealership have hit a brick wall so am now waiting for a date to get a proper ford engineer out on it, although have been told it definitely shouldn't be happening A 2 day garage trip is now over a week Thanks for your thoughts though will keep you posted incase any1else gets this issue
  3. Hi All, Has anyone elese had problems with their focus making a tap tap noise when going on uneven road surfaces or cambers on corners? Sounds similar to the noise of the ABS test and afterwards if you gently tap the brake pedal it makes a springy noise which isn't there normally. Any ideas? Its in at the garage today so fingers crossed they have fixed it this time rounds :S FYI its a 2010 focus estate, zetec petrol 1.6 Cheers Katie
  4. same as above happens on mine too, been told by my local dealership its a known problem due to EU safety regulations, having to test a valve linked to ABS that it can release. hope this helps? let us know if you get evidence that they are going to be re-called
  5. Strange Noise

    Hi There, I get this same noise once after 10MPH and only after i have pulled away from engine off. i also get the noise on rough surfaces but its doesnt matter if i am breaking or not, Have you had any joy from a dealer with regards to this? Will keep you posted if i have any joy, Katie