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  1. Hi where can you get hold of a F-super reader as you go on flebay and unsure if these are ok? Thanks
  2. Got a similar problem with mine and on diagnostic 1&4 injector knock so luckily garage who I bought it off is standing warranty work, they replaced all 4 which was very kind of them but where having problems recoding and getting running right so they tried another set of injectors and same problem, I'm not car mechanic but I've work on motorbikes for years and did a little digging about myself via the forum and suggested to them the diesel fuel pump as these can give up and allow small fragments of metal through the filter and damaging injectors so they checked the fuel filter for its contents and hey presto looks like this was the original problem but damaged injectors aswell, it's a costly job to have done at garage as you'll need to flush the complete system from tank through to injectors but you'll halve the cost if your good with the spanners and from what I've been told through garage friends out of all the super markets for fuel ( every little helps ) is the main one to stay away from for diesel ( not naming them lol ) luckily for me it's not costing me a penny but I've been without my car for last 3 weeks which is a right pain in the !Removed!, I know you here a lot of bad things about mondeos but that's what forums are all about, show me a forum that does nothing by praise the car as don't think there's any and the cars are a good car as let's be honest taxi drivers use them, police have used them so the readability can't be that bad ;-)
  3. Many thanks, I will have a go when Xmas season over lil
  4. Thanks will have a look when abit better weather, just strange that it worked and now stopped but that's least if worries as waiting for it to go back in for no: 1 & 4 injector doing, can't knock the car yet as it still runs great and it's not done 140k for no reason, thanks again
  5. I suppose it's the luck of the draw with the car and if you shop round for the injectors and calipers as there are abit prone there's plenty of cheaper alternatives as some places with recon injectors will take your old ones in part ex and the calipers on the likes of eBay are cheap enough and I'm sure there's plenty of people on here who will be glad to help with advice, if you read all the negatives before you bought a car these days you'd probably never get one, I went for the diesel 130 ps and it drives great but 1 & 4 injector playing up luckily garage sorting it but it has done 140k, would recommend buying from dealer with warranty
  6. Boot lock via tail gate used to work when button pressed but now has stopped working but key fob and tailgate button on the dash still release boot, I've had inside panel off to have a quick look only to find out that you have to take panel off held on by 4 10mm nuts, has anybody else had similar problems or is there something else I should look at as only thing I can think of is the button itself is faulty, any help much appreciated
  7. Hi was just wondering where I can get my hands on the Fordiag software or something else that will do as don't want to keep lining the pockets of the main dealer or anyone else, I know there are code readers out there but it's more for the usual thing of recoding injectors amongst other things, any advice or help would be very grateful
  8. I'm a newbie here and mine doing same problem and spoke to a friend who's a mechanic and has said it could need injectors recoding as ecu sometimes losses memory of the correct injector spray ie during acceleration, I'm hoping this is the case as I've seen the prices of injectors and don't want to go down that route and also been told it could be camshaft sensor, will keep you updated as my mechanic friend is going to hook up and read faults then recode, fingers crossed
  9. Thanks and what sort of money did ford charge you?
  10. Mondeo tdci 53plate, only have 1 key and was wondering how easy to get a spare?
  11. Just got a 53 plate tdci 130 ps with 140,000 and service history and when driving back as I got about a certain rpm glo plug light started to flash, went in limp mode and a couple of times engine stopped altogether then switch of and switched straight back on and no flashing light but soon as hit rpm again back on and back in limp mode there's no smoke and light not flashing straight from switch on, I've spoken to a friend who's a mechanic and he seems to think that injectors might need recoding as ecu looses memory from time to time, just wondered if anybody else experienced same problem as I'm hoping it's not injectors with the price, if anyone could shed some light would be much appreciated Thanks