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  1. New Ford Mondeo

    When you are in 3rd/4th gear and your foot is off the accerator, is the car still in gear?
  2. Thermostat - not working correctly

    Thanks for the reply, took the car to the garage and they believe it's the water pump. Apparently this is a common fault. The water pump stops working and the temp go up. My only problem with this is the temperature is very low is only getting to 60 and hovering above or below. If it was the water pump wouldn't the car temp increase to nearer 120 (the red).
  3. Hi, the thermostat on my Mondeo TDCi (2003) isn’t working normally. The gauge takes ages to get to the first white line and then moves just above or just below the line throughout my journey depending if I’m accelerating (above) or releasing off accelerator (below). I had a similar experience a couple of months ago but at that time it varied from the first white line to the middle (12 O’clock). The problem seemed to correct itself overnight but started up again last week. I’m used to seeing the gauge maintain mid point, 12 O’clock. Any advice would be appreciated, what could be the fault, should I get it in the garage.