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  1. Very Poor Acceleration.

    An easy thing to check would be the air filter, but hopefully someone with more expertise will chip in.
  2. Escort Electric Window Wiring

    That's fixed it - the connections inside the terminal were pushed back - prising them back with a screw driver did the trick. Many thanks Dave
  3. Escort Electric Window Wiring

    Hi thanks for the tip. If I waddle the wires around inside the connector the little light on the switch flashes briefly, I will try a small screwdriver in there. Cheers Dave
  4. Escort Electric Window Wiring

    Hi 96 Escort Zetec, O/S electric window no longer works. Switch is OK, I think the problem is the terminal/connector to the switch. Do i need to replace the whole piece of wiring from door to switch ? tia
  5. 96 Escort Rear Wiper And Heater

    Try spraying WD40 on the hinges of the boot (rear gate) lid and working it up and down, reason being the earth goes through the hinges.
  6. Ford Escort Rear Brake Drums Removal

    Greetings mickminnion, thanks for that.
  7. Ford Escort Rear Brake Drums Removal

    No, Haynes did not mention removing it.
  8. Ford Escort Rear Brake Drums Removal

    Hi Ford Escort 1.6 Zetec '96, I can't remove the rear brake drum , ihand brake is off, the drum spins freely but it won't come off .There is no grub screw. Is there a trick to this ? Help appreciated.
  9. Airbag Light

    Have just read on another forum that it will be a tested item from Jan 1st 2012. My Escort had this problem, MOT last May, but it was only an advisory. (Fixed by disconnecting yellow connections , under the driver and passenger seat for 2 minutes with the ignition off, then reconnecting.) This is from another thread :- "This happened to my \'97 Mondeo. When I asked my local Ford garage about it, the said that this sometimes happens when the contacts get dirty. They suggested disconnecting, cleaning and reconnecting the cable under the driver and/or passenger seats".
  10. Mk1 Focus Airbag Light

    Hi I had a problem with my Mk 6 Escort, the warning light flashed 4 times then 2 sec pause then 4 times etc, I did a google search on it someone had posted the solution which was to disconnect the yellow connections under the driver's and passengers seats for 2 minutes with the ignition off, then reconnect. voila it worked.
  11. Escort Mk 6 1.6

    Weyhey fixed it - found this info : " 4 flashes of the light indicates the seat belt pre tentioners are at fault a common fault on this system with the ign switched OFF look under both front seats you will see yellow electrical connectors disconect these conectors for 2 mins then re connect turn on ignition your light should come on for about 10 seconds then go out and stay out.
  12. Escort Mk 6 1.6

    mintalkin - great thanks, it appears to be only 4 flashes then a 2 second break.
  13. Escort Mk 6 1.6

    Thanks Vinny, but no luck there, the connection seems clean and sound (unless a tiny wire inside is broken.)
  14. Escort Mk 6 1.6

    Hi The Drivers Air bag warning light continually flashes, is there a known fault/ fix for this problem ? tia
  15. Escort 1.6 Zetec

    Thanks for the tip I'll do that next time. Undoing the filter was a bit of a pig,but easier next time hopefully.(Very impressed with the torque for a 1.6 on these engines.)