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  1. new shape fiesta

    Do you love it enough to share some pictures with us all?
  2. 2004 Flare Orange Fiesta

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  3. NEWBIE...

    The wheels were on the car when I bought it, but I would think they were an optional extra. I'm pretty sure they've been on the car from new. I've seen less than 10 other Flare Orange Fiestas on the road since I've had mine, and they have all been - with the exception of one - the Zetec. Mine is rather unusual in that it's a Finesse. In turn, it's unusual for a Finesse to have alloys and a spoiler. <_<
  4. NEWBIE...

    It's a 1.25 petrol Finesse on 16" wheels. I'm only the second owner and it's been extremely well looked after. For my first car, I'm very pleased with it. I love the Flare Orange (in fact, it's the colour that made me buy the car) but it looks different in every photograph I've ever taken. I think the Orange is one of those colours that looks really good when it's clean, but you have to keep on top of it.
  5. New Fiesta

    Good to hear you're pleased with the new car, it looks the part in Panther Black. I've only had a quick look at the new model in the metal but I'm very pleased with it. I have to say though, I don't like the 'Squeeze' colour one little bit. It looks good in the brochure but on the car I think it looks poor. The Hot Magenta is gorgeous (and as I drive an orange Mk6. I think this would probably be my choice of colour). It'd be nice to see some larger photos if possible and maybe - as members replace their cars - we could see photos of the different colours.
  6. NEWBIE...

    Hi there, just a quick one for my first posting. Had my first Ford since March, it's a 2004 Fiesta in Flare Orange and it's a great little car. It's standard, but I try to look after it well - I'm not interested in modifying the car but I spend a lot of time making sure it's one of the cleanest Fiestas around :) Are there any other Orange Fiestas here on the forum?