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  1. Mountune Mp215 Review

    it's not a great improvement . but does make it sound a little louder when accelerating Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Mountune Mp215 Review

    you can make the engine noise a little more throaty if you take the little grey sponge out of the sound symposer pipe. great review and glad your enjoying the mp215. #yellowcustard Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. ford never seem to fill the aircon gas full on a new car. I had the st2 ,didn't get that cold took it to a mate and he filled it and it got colder quicker . just taken delivery of the st3 and it's the same so getting it topped up on Saturday Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Nifty Little Feature

    Thanks for your help. Got the windows all working now. global opening works up and down.. Cheers for ya help :)
  5. Nifty Little Feature

    Thanks will have a look .
  6. Nifty Little Feature

    Hi guys, picked up my ST-3 today and tried the global closing. It works but only did my passenger window up. Now when i get in the car and goto open and close the windows, one shot isnt working, have to keep my finger on the button .. Any advice ??
  7. St Air Filter

    ITG do a really good air filter, pretty much the same as a K&N
  8. Ordering An St-3, Questions

    yer i have the detection system on my ST-2 and tbh its a load of rubbish, by the time its noticed you have a flat tyre A you would know and B its already damaged your alloy The good old fashioned way of looking and checking is really the best option
  9. Ordering An St-3, Questions

    17654.00 so a saving 2562
  10. Ordering An St-3, Questions

    I went into my ford dealers on wednesday and showed them the carwow quote, and they said that they would match it as i have been a loyal customer, so a gentlemans handshake agreement was done, then went back in yesterday to sign the paperwork and they then told me they couldnt match it.. So as you can imagine i was somewhat p*issed off.. Wont be going back to the dealers i have used for many years.. You just cant treat people like that. So from now on i will be using internet based sites to buy all my new cars from.
  11. Ordering An St-3, Questions

    they dont do the deflation detection anymore. Prob found it wasnt being used. There is also another site called www.carwow.co.uk Hope this helps
  12. Fiesta St Tyres?

    Mine also have the Bridgestone Potenzas on :)
  13. Calling All Fiesta St-2 Owners

    break down cover is free with ford anyway.Has been since i can remember :D
  14. Can anyone tell me how you get the rear upper valance off the new st please. Ive had all my plastics painted gloss black and want to change them over Thanks in advance
  15. Fiesta St Recall

    just booked mine in. The only warning sign it says on the letter is " Some Fiesta St vechicles with RED brake calipers could experience a very slight brake fluid leakage from the brake hose connection to the Front brake caliper. If a slight leak is present,over a period of time,the brake fluid level will reduce and eventually cause the brake fluid light to come on.The time it takes for this to occur will depend upon vechicle useage and your Driving style. You may also experience a slightly longer pedal travel.. It is important that this vechicle is returned to a Ford Authorised Dealer.Your Dealer Will check the front brake Hose connections and if necessary fit new seals