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  1. Hi all, I have a 65 plate ZS and I have an issue with playing music via USB sticks, when I press skip it just acts like a seek button and seeks through the current track and I cant skip using the skip buttons. Same if i use steering wheel control or buttons on the main unit and if I try and browse tracks the screen has a bit of a hissy fit and i have to press power off Same thing happened about 6 months ago and it seemed to sort its self out, dont know how! Apart fom these two occasions, never had a problem! I have tried every setting and tried resetting things via menu but to no avail. Anyone else had this or have any smart ideas? I have tried every car setting, different USB sticks, formatting USB sticks etc and on radio, the skip button works to skip between stations. Odd Thank you in advance
  2. Good Morning all, I have a 65 plate ZS and a few days ago an odd thing started happening. When playing a song on USB/CD i press skip and nothing happens (same for steering wheel and main skip buttons) if I press and hold skip it starts fast forwarding the track! But I cant get it to stop unless I turn the stereo off. Also if I view the songs on the USB/CD in the menu the screen starts having a fit and I have to turn the stereo off. Anyone had anything like this? I assume a phone call to Ford is required to book it in! Thank you
  3. OK so took my ZS for new front tyres, now I know its easy to look back and say but I wish i had made the fitter check me wheels before hand incase this happened to prove it but I know myself my alloys were 100% unmarked before today. Below are 3 images, image 2 and 3 are of the same damage. Tyre 1 is one alloy tyre 2 and 3 images are of the other alloy. I have no experience of changing tyres so any advice? I guess if I go back to complain they will just say you cant prove it was us and I will hit a brick wall? Is damage like this quite common especially with soft alloys? Thanks for any advice / info tyre 1 tyre 2 tyre 3
  4. My work journey is about 5 miles of country roads, 15miles A roads and 13 motorway miles, Driven it hard on current tank, 45.7mpg. Sheel fuelsave petrol.
  5. I love my cloth ZS seats, very comfy even on long journeys.
  6. I have done over 35,000 miles on 17" alloys over 2 MK7 fiestas, not one buckled alloy and the roads round here arent great, i live in a rural area and have hit many pot holes.
  7. Personal opinion, street pack is a MUST on ZS. bluetooth/USB port, wouldn't be without it
  8. Stripes only on a hot hatch (IMHO) which no mk7 is
  9. 220 miles into this tank of regular shell unleaded, averaging 49.2MPG 1.6 ZS
  10. sussex

    My Zs

    i dont understand why people bother to debadge cars
  11. Great stuff and i know quite a few posts on here of late with issue and problems but please take many with a pinch of sale 1 million made now in europe and still selling strong for every person who complians about somethings thousands are just enjoying their mk7. i LOVE my mk7, have done since i got one in late 2008. really a joy to own and drive (in my view)
  12. The tech guy at ford today recommended a softwear update today, gotta book it in. my car was registered march 2010
  13. I am taking my '10' ZS to Ford tomorrow for them to look at my USB port. Up to couple of weeks ago no problems in 10 months but one usb stick which has worked since April 2010 stopped working, plugged into my PC and not recognised, dead USB, my other one ive used for 10months is sometimes recognised sometimes not, sometimes freezes sometjmes doesnt, often i just get LINE IN ACTIVE and no m usic. Tried a new usb today and after 30 odd seconds it freezes or skips to next track.
  14. Hi all, Will phone Ford later regarding this but just wondering whether anyone else has had any problems with their USB port? Mine has become very inconsistent on reading USB sticks (ones that have always worked fine in the car), sometimes not at all even if I take it out/turn radio off/restart car etc, does read the odd one sometimes but not acceptable really. Hope they do any looking at/work under warranty, or am I being too hopeful? It cant be wear and tear! Firmware upgrade perhaps?
  15. Knew as soon as I posted that, that they'd win today Not a Liverpool fan but still gutted as want West Ham to go down!