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  1. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    Could I ask what area of the country this is?? Not asking name of garage. Just area. :)
  2. Faulty Air Con

    Thank you all for the replies, I think I'm going to remove the fuse(if it is a dedicated fuse) as the summer is nearly over and maybe get it regassed in the new year
  3. Faulty Air Con

    Iv been told by two different (very good and reliable) mechanics that its the air con clicking. And I mean there is no light on the air con button at all as in it doesn't work
  4. Faulty Air Con

    It doesn't click on and off. It's just a click every 10 seconds or so consistently while driving.
  5. Faulty Air Con

    Hi guys. Since I purchased my ford focus 1.6 lx 2000 petrol, I noticed every 5-10 seconds that there was a clicking noise. I have been told that it is the air con coming on or something. Only problem is I think it's stuck on as when I push the air con button nothing changes and there is no light there to indicate it is on? So basically what I'm saying is. Helppppp Cheers Dan
  6. The designs look brilliant mate well done, fingers crossed there's a coder somewhere on the forum so we can see it put to work.
  7. Ford Focus Instrument Cluster/dashboard

    Okay that's good , was abit worried as I thought they were just supposed to come on then disappear even before starting the engine. Thanks for the quick response :)
  8. Ford Focus Instrument Cluster/dashboard

    Yeah my bad sorry was a rushed post ha. It's a 1.6 ford focus lx petrol 2000 Cheers Dan
  9. Iphone/android App

    Yeah let's try and find a coder, surely there's on on this sit somewhere!!
  10. Hi all Just wandering what lights I should see stay on my dashboard/instrument cluster when the ignition is on the second setting (just before firing the engine) as I have the battery, oil, handbrake and a small orange pump looking light. They stay I until I start the engine?!?! Thanks Dan
  11. I Have The Worst Luck(Helpppppp)

    Yeah I know what you mean. I won't let them have the keys under I have it set in stone whether its going to cost me anything. Also does anyone have an answer for the 4th question?? Cheers for all the replies.
  12. I Have The Worst Luck(Helpppppp)

    Yeah, fingers crossed it gets sorted at no cost to me ha. Probably one of the small amount of dealers across country hah
  13. I Have The Worst Luck(Helpppppp)

    Also, I believe it's the mk1. It's a w reg..
  14. I Have The Worst Luck(Helpppppp)

    Yeah it seems to drop a little in power, and yes it stops recording any mileage at all. But then after a while it all goes back to being fine. I popped down to see the dealers mechanic and he was all good about it. Said he's gunna get a speed sensor ordered, then fit that and start looking into the juddering, so will start with spark plugs and keep going until sorted. And also going to service it. So there being fair about it thankfully.
  15. I Have The Worst Luck(Helpppppp)

    Ahhh I see. I will try and phone them tomorrow. Hopefully they can sort it as they were very nice. Not like most car dealers who just want your money. Fingers crossed ay..