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  1. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Well it was the car top of my list yes, it is the most logical choice when it comes to model upgrade as well, its either that or go to a bigger focus which I don't need, I just wanted to see if anyone could see any glaring issues with running one as a motorway car, I love driving but I do have no idea about cars and running them as such
  2. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Since March 2013 the car has done basically 40,000 miles
  3. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Yeah, it is based on the mileage I am doing, I have a service every 6 months basically, and over two years that is 4. Why? Too high?
  4. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    It is the only thing I lack from the current car is enough enjoyment!
  5. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Thanks Matt! Sounds like I am going to have quite a high mileage ST after two years! But at least I can just hand it back and start again! (Ford options is what I am on) I would like have some more fun with a car when I am not working, my mum got a tricked out abarth 500 and it is such a laugh! So to find a car that I can do both in is perfect! And I can't really afford the jump up to the focus St and I doubt it's any better on the fuel!
  6. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Does it need to go in for a service more than the standard Fiesta's? I can't imagine it does? I am lucky to have a guy at work who will change the my discs and pads and stuff, and he has trade accounts with lots of companies for parts so that is good, and work have just bought me a set of tyres for my current car due to the mileage I do for them, so I am sure I could work it out with them that I buy one set, and they buy the next I guess!
  7. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    The MPG I can live with, my company pay for my fuel anyway, and to be honest I drive the diesel pretty hard, I can do the 215 miles on a quarter of a tank if I am careful, but that just doesn't happen, but well I am growing up and see the downside to fast motorway speeds to be honest, so I could gain the difference by just averaging out my motorway driving anyway. Plus I would probably be looking at the ST3 anyway with the cruise control, so I could get my MPG up there by not constantly changing revs
  8. Fiesta St As A Company/motorway Car??

    Thanks MattOne of my reasons for the ST would be the pulling away if needed. Driving on the A1 a hell of a lot, you have to make some snap decisions sometimes and right now the diesel is only just good enough to pull away quick enough. Plus the brakes are pretty shocking for motorways it has to be said!! Out of interest, how you finding the servicing?
  9. Hi guys One of my first posts so be nice! I currently drive a 2013 fiesta zs 1.6 diesel, and it is a great car. But next year it gets chopped in for a new one! Basically for work I have to drive from Essex to Wetherby each monday and then home on a Thursday, it is 215 miles each way so 430 miles roughly a week. Realistically, including running costs, does anyone see a problem with going for the ST this time? Obviously I know there is going to be a big difference fuel wise, but I don't actually pay for my fuel, work does, and I am happy to pay the difference there if they kick up a fuss. But things like service plan? I currently pay around £60 a month for a big old service plan I have in place with fords, my guess is it will go up? With my current ZS I have just gone through a whole set of tyres and discs and pads this week's. That's from having it from the 1st of March 2013 and it's on 39000 miles, so it's not done bad! Can anyone shed some light for me? Am I mad for wanting to do this many miles in a hot hatch? I do live in a car basically! Lots of miles in a year! Any feedback appreciated Thanks Charlie
  10. Who Wants A Carbon Style Stereo?

    Not yet, he is doing some samples for me now so maybe next few days? Will have some pricing by then as well
  11. Who Wants A Carbon Style Stereo?

    Hi guys just getting this done from a guy I have got friendly with on eBay, he can basically cut some carbon fibre wrap for you for your stereo, so I am getting mine done! He has not given me a price yet but he is not that expensive on other things he has done (ESP buttons, gap in steering wheel, air con vents) Believe he might be able to do White carbon as well Just thought I would let you guys know! PM me if you want his details! Cheers Charlie
  12. Filters?

    Right guys help me please?! I have a MK7 zs petrol, I have been told to get some kind of air filter on there, so started looking and the obvious and fairly well priced unit is the K&N stuff, but whats the difference between a panel filter and a normal filter, and more importantly what do I need to get to notice a difference in performance??! I know a few people will say the J1 but atm money is tight so thats out the window! Thanks Charlie
  13. Mk7 Sport Radiator Grill From European Parts

    I want this :( fancy letting me have it and pay you in dribs and drabs :)
  14. Your Fiesta

    Hello from a Newbie!