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  1. Clutch

    Subframe, Suspension, steering rack disconnected from subframe and engine supported from above is the preferred method. The driveshafts have to come out from the box and the box removed from the car to get the alignment of the new clutch. The driveshaft oil seals also need to be replaced.
  2. Great news on the job!!!

    let me know when you want to meet up and get things sorted out Mate..



  3. Hi Alex!

    How things goes?

    I get a job on the weekend, so i do not know when i can go down to see you, may be on one weekend days. till that i`m fine with my stereo... i think the problem when we added the ipod + usb, may have a another option like bluetooth and usb, i do not know... we will see!

    Take care!


  4. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    If you can source the parts from anywhere else but Ford that would be better, but patience can prevail with part sourcing. With Lez's car, we downloaded the vehicle configuration and then changed the parameters for the newly installed hardware. At the moment, he has the low level audio system installed, which 'may' need a software update if it will take it. The bluetooth module was installed as BT/VC only initially, i may have to reinstall with the Programmable module function now that the USB/IPod parameters have now been changed. Im with you on the 'swapping modules, trying this, trying that' stage... i went through that with my Mondeo, namely with the CD Changer, went through 4 of them until i found out they needed the VIN uploaded to get the !Removed! things to work... So, to recap, read through the posts the other guys have listed. There is a lot of good info there for all the hardware you will need but it will all require an IDS session to sort it out. Alex 07955 406 446 E Mail - awhvehicle@btinternet.com
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    I've just completed the install of Lez's USB Module. As one of the other posts confirmed, the cars configuration menu needs to be downloaded from the main CCM and onto the laptop (as you can guess i have my own IDS module) After that, selecting Modify will allow parameters to be set. In this instance it was USB support and the same for the BT Module. I think i have screen shots on the PC that i can upload now im a registered member.. Hope this will help all those who want to do this install. Alex 07955 406 446