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  1. Red Battery Light

    Hello, sorry for posting in this topic again but this seems like the problem i've been having. I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 - Battery light came on about a week ago, assumed it was the alternator as it was sounding very dodgy and also when i have my lights on they would dim is i used my windows. So i got a recondition alternator - put it in got the same problem - got a new reconditioned alternator same problem again light was on - so I start reading up and found that it could be the smart charge system and the ecu - so i thought i'd ask is it worth me just taking my car to a ford dealer and getting them to check it out? i don't really about 200 odd that johnH got given to fix his problem. - Also the battery is only 6 months old. Basically do you think its the smart charge system? and should i just take it in for them to fault code it and hopefully fix it?