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  1. Another Newbie

    Hi, my name is Dave and I have recently bought a Mondeo Mk3, 2006 TDCI 115 Euro 4. Ex fleet car with high miles but FSH by Ford and print out of all parts replaced since 15k. Happy so far, great economy - only thing I dont like is its a bit "clattery" in idle, especially when cold and gear change can be sticky in 1st and 3rd, again especially when cold. Overall great car for the money I paid though and hopefully if I have issues to resolve and can get loads of advice on here Cheers Dave (the horse)
  2. Mondeo Or Focus, Which Is Best Value For Money ?

    I have just bought a July 2006 115BHP TDCI Mondeo Zetec with full Ford history and a complete printout of evertything replaced on the car from 15,000 miles. It has done a very big 154,000 miles (25k per year) but drives very tight, you wouldnt know it had done the mileage. Had DMF and clutch done at 130k. Body and seats in great nick - was leased to an insurance company and looked affer. Only thing I dont like is the engine is a bit "clattery" in idle - not sure why or if this is normal (sounds like a Transit!) - its fine once revs are up and drives smoothly. Great MPG - does 60 to gallon on motorway no trouble so impressed. Paid £2,300 for it and happy its a good buy as its had all the stuff that goes changed, had new pads/disks in March, 3 near new tyres, new PS pump. Looking at its print out history though its had 3 clutches in total plus 1 DMF! Good look in your search - there are too many to choose from which although nice makes it difficult to decide on one. Dave