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  1. You were robbed. I could have got u them for 3 magic beans
  2. Aye Stevie is such a big mouth. Trys to run this forum. He needs put back in his place.
  3. Stevie should know his role and shut his mouth!
  4. I recommend you go to the gym for a few months wee man. It can't be that heavy its paper ffs!
  5. Sorry tash, I meant to write isn't. I'm using predictive text on my phone!
  6. Special occasion. Sadly for you, you will always be ugly
  7. Uncalled for. Even clive wouldn't sink that low
  8. Hey I hear the ST is almost ready to go out. Does anyone know when it will? Is it going to be faster than the corsa vxr?
  9. aye thats a belter right enough
  10. What a idiot you are phil. I feel embarrssed for you.