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  1. Cortina Mk4/5 rear lower trailing arm front bushes

    Thanks so much for this info - I'll be contacting them to get hold of some and can then get my Falcon(we call her "Molly") back on the road!
  2. I have a JBA Falcon tourer kit car, which is based on Mk4/5 Cortina running gear. It failed its MOT yesterday, needing new rear lower trailing arm front bushes :( I used to have a Mk3 Cortina in the past and recall that needing the same thing once. Trying to get hold of these bushes is proving somewhat difficult - the garage doing the MOT hasn't been able to locate any. The local Ford dealer was unable to help as their computer parts system doesn't list them anymore. I went to Chambers of Sutton, in Sutton Coldfield and was fortunate to speak to an older parts man - my experience tells me that they're often worth their weight in gold, as it never fails to amaze me at what they can manage to find at times! He too bemoaned them taking away his beloved microfiche index, but after a short while, came back to me with a part number: 6028454 He'd also located one set - at Bristol Street Birmingham and they're on their way to me. I now need just one more set. Short of ringing around loads of Ford parts departments, does anyone have any suggestions for a supplier of these ? Many thanks for any help.