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  1. update - the pollen filter is indeed at the back of the passenger footwell as JohnH describes - take off the centre console panel at the bottom of the centre console in the footwell, there are 2 clips that you wedge open and pull out. Next take out the liner under the glove box, there are 2 push-on/pull-off black covers over yellow stalks. Next take off the fuse-box, twist the clip 90degrees and lower the fusebox and then pull it off the 2 hinges once lowered, and push it to the left as far as poss. Undo 3x 7mm screws/bolts with a small socket wrench. Pull out old crappy dirty black filter - you can concertina it to get it out of the space. Similarly putting the new one in - it can be concertina'd to fit back in. Pic here of where the cover is - its in the centre of the pic with the regular rectangular cut-outs. Took me about 45mins to get this done once I realised what on earth you're supposed to do.
  2. thank you digidash, so where exactly is that then please? can you see it in my picture in the first post or am I in the wrong place? I just can't see where it is located that is the problem. I have yet to try johnH's suggestion about back of the footwell.
  3. ah ok, thank you, I will have a furtle around in that area and see if I have any luck. Such a blinding idea to put cabin filter in such an easy and obvious place, well done the ford design computer. Has anyone actually changed one of these on an s-max or galaxy mk3?
  4. Has anyone changed the pollen/cabin filter on an s-max please? I have looked at the only instructions I can find anywhere but they are not great. Here is a pic of the center console from the passenger footwell with the panels taken off, but I cannot see where the filter goes. Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me I am the wrong place entirely?