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  1. What fascia did you use? I'm very dubious to paying £180 for a fascia! http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/14773.html
  2. Lost interest in the Fez for a while.... managed to buckle at least 3 alloys, which meant losing air and ruining tires, so ran on steelies for a while. Sent it for an MOT and failed on stupid stuff. Gave me the passion to get it back on track. So instead of fixing the zs streetpack alloys and buying new tyres, I thought it was a prime time to buy new wheels. Here's a wee pic I took today in the snow:
  3. Funnily enough, they're 17's on 215.40 tyres, lowered on eibachs. Nothing mental. Get the occasional rub if I slam over a hill on a fast straight, nothing worth saying they actually rub though. The now on the outside of the tyres give the impression of 19's, look closely to where the alloys actually end though before the tyre :D
  4. Sorry if this has been done before..... Hi guys, Although this was fitted to a mk7 Fez, exactly the same process is followed for the Focus. Hopefully someone can sticky this into the How To for me please. Before I start Stuff needed: Sunglasses holder and surround (mk3 Mondeo), pencil (for marking cuttings), stanley (for cutting), flat screwdriver or something else thin for wedging unit out. Using wedging utensils, start the process from rear of light (windscreen side) You'll be left with this pull the unit out.... there is a couple of plastic clips you will find. Then undo these wires Now you got a nice hole to start working from
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    Yeah, I done the mondeo centre unit in mine, it's very simple to do, just make sure you cut the hole too small if you're gonna be too cagey, then make it bigger to suit
  6. D4nz0

    My Rear Update

    Amazing mate, the attention to detail is what makes it complete. Great job with the removal of rear wiper, great thinking with the mirror black third brake light and reverse light (the reverse still shine through ok? Is the rear window still same shade or been tinted? I wish my rear was as clean as yours :P
  7. D4nz0

    Fiesta Mk7 Lightbrows Csr Automotive

    Look like they've got potential. Look forward to seein em on buddy
  8. D4nz0


    PICS PLEASE!?!?!?!!? :D
  9. D4nz0

    Is This Normal??

    The gap at the handbrake is a major bugbare of mine.... although it acts as a piggy bank for me, I'll need to empty it whenever I sell the car.
  10. D4nz0

    Washer Jets Help Please

    I used to supply the mist ones pre sprayed, wasn't me who done the painting, was a friend. I think he done em on eBay too, but just wasn't worth the time, so stopped it. Very easy job to do, just a shame that you buy a full tin of paint for such a small job.
  11. I've got eibachs on mine mate and been around Glasgow and Hamilton a few times, tonnes of space left over.
  12. D4nz0

    Remap, Or Remap With New Injectors?

    I average around 50mpg usually, but I've had it up to 70 for a little while. Managed 600 miles from a tank
  13. D4nz0

    What Lowering Springs??????

    I'm happy with my 30mm ebaichs. here's some pics....
  14. D4nz0

    Installing/ Upgrading To Climate Control?

    This isn't gonna be a very helpful reply because I don't know how it's done. But remember on the focus site i use, a member upgraded his the same way you want to, and it took an entire day from someone that knew what he was doing and also had the full dash, including air bags out. everything apart from the steering wheel! Put me off even doing it tbh
  15. If you unplug your headlight and look at the connnection, one of them is an ignition live, I think its for the levellers. I used this for my old drl's, worked perfect. You run a small wire under the clip that you pull to lift the connection off, then just push it into the right one. Now, which one is the right one? I can't remember, but there's only 8 or 10 to choose from, just put ignition on and try em all. I think 3 of em are constant live, only one is on and off with ignition, so very easy to figure out.
  16. D4nz0

    Rear Light Tinting

    Yes it is illegal to tint light units. The rears are especially worse because they have reflective parts that must always be able to work fully, the rears aren't just about letting your bulbs shine through. Flyeyes are legal on rears though if you go for the black ones, but have a look at the flyeyes website for full details on what colours are and aren't legal.
  17. D4nz0

    Black Wheels

    Dark anthracite on white with a matt finish. Hard to tell in this pic Done flyeyes on headlights since this pic
  18. D4nz0

    Fly Eyes

    Why, thank you :D I like em too :D Shame about my lack of front grille in that pic tho lol
  19. D4nz0

    Fly Eyes

    Go to the website I just mentioned and prices are on there
  20. D4nz0

    Fly Eyes

    Brightness of the light being cut? Wow. I've been driving in the pitch black and it looks exactly the same as before. I used www.flyeyeskit.com 'coz their reputation was second to none and I can't fault it either
  21. D4nz0

    Fly Eyes

    Haven't noticed a single bit of light being cut at all mate, genuinely
  22. D4nz0

    New Zetec S Stereo - Fitting Sub

    Learn how to solder? Takes minutes and is the proper way to do it
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    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Xenon-Headlight-Ballast-5000K-HID-DC12V55WH7-3/dp/B0083F6BWU/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1338465799&sr=1-1 55w 5000k for the win :D
  24. D4nz0

    Fly Eyes

    done mine last week