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    My sympathies. Having owned a C-Max CVT Auto and had the poor running problems you've had I've trawled all the motiring Forums and found a dozen or more examples of people with the same problems - none of which had found a solution. I sold my car after 15 failed attempts at a repair. I also found lots of examples of gearbox failure - most of which are at far lower mileages than yours. All had had the same response from Ford -£4,500 plus for a new gearbox, no contribution. Some people have had their gearbox repaired by an auto gearbox specialist for about £2k, but repeat problems seem common. In my view Ford have taken the attitude that they won't give any support for this model - probably because there are so few cars out there. My advice - do what I did. Get rid and never buy a Ford again- even if it costs you thousands .
  2. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Car has been traded for a Skoda Roomster petrol auto. Runs like a dream. My biggest regret is dumping my problems on whoever buys my old car. Sorry Ford, but my experience over the last 18 months means I ain't buying your products again for a long time. You've got problems with C-Max CVT autos - why don't you admit it ?
  3. Adjusting the back seats

    Ford Lover, Once you've cleared the middle seat out of the way, just pull the lever on the front corner of the side seat up and at the same time push the seat base diagonally back towards the middle of the car until it clicks. Getting the seats out is more tricky. tip the seat forward using the lever on the side of the seat. Then lift the bar at the back of the seat to tumble the seat. Then look at the hinge point for a red catch. Push the catch fully forward and then try to lift the seat out. In my car the catch was very stiff the first time I used it. Also beware, the seats are chuffin 'eavy. Hope your car is more reliable than mine. I certainly aint a Ford lover after a year with my '04 C-Max - and that's having only Fords for 17 years previously. C-Maxxer
  4. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Ref my post of 5th January saying my car was in the dealership - for the FIFTEENTH time looking at the hesitation and going into limp mode problem. Dealer finally said it was ready yesterday. Was charged £46.00 parts only for a new MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure). Dealer said Ford Technical had been consulted, fault found and rectified. I drove 10 yards in the car and could tell there was "absoulutely" no difference. Dealer then says - after me making a scene in service reception - they would refit the old parts and give me a refund for what they've done. No mention of a fix. This is on a car that broke down on three out of four long trips over Christmas. Spoke to Ford Customer service who've promised to get Ford Technical involved again. I'm out of patience. Car is going to be traded in, which is going to cost me £thousands, but I'm now resigned to it. In my view this hesitation problem with the early CVT auto's is an issue that Ford are knowingly doing nothing to resolve - because there are too few owners affected. They don't give a stuff for those affected.
  5. cmax auto gearbox swap

    was, I really feel for you having your gearbox go. Unfortunately, you're not alone - I've had a CVT auto with hesitation problems and trawled various forums trying to find a fix. I've seen several other reports of gearbox failure. In each case Ford's solution was the same as they told you. As regards swapping the gearbox from one in a 2litre petrol, the answer is almost certainly no. Modern cars have so much electronics that it just won't work. Your car has one computer on the engine, the ECU and another one that controls the gearbox, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM gets all sorts of information from sensors in both the engine and gearbox and from the readings on the sensors tells the engine and gearbox what to do. The PCM is unique to the engine / gearbox combination, so if you change to a different gearbox, a lot of the sensors will be different, as will be the instructions back to the gearbox. Unless you can get someone to design and build a dedicated PCM, you're stuffed. You're stuck getting the CVT fixed or scrapping the car. I did read of someone getting their failed gearbox fixed by an independent CVT gearbox specialist, but couldn't find the link just now. Links I found on the Honest John website to gearbox specialists are as follows: J T Automatics Unit 9, Northend Trading Estate, Erith, Bexley, DA8 3PP t: 01322 330052, e: info@automatic-gearbox.co.uk Services: Gearbox King Automatics The Chalk Pit, College Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4JA t: 01372 728769 Automatic transmissions of all types, including CVTs Services: Gearbox Commiserations, good luck and please let us know the outcome. C-Maxxer
  6. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Claire, There was a known problem with early 2.0TDCi's of EGR valves sticking that resulted in virtually no power. The EGR valve was redesigned and the engine management software modified to "cycle" the EGR to stop it sticking. Your car has these modifications as standard though, so it's surprising you've got an issue. The CVT hesitation problem that occurs is different and hasn't a known cure that I'm aware of. The Ford technicians I have spoken to in my many trips to the garage say that EGR faults on diesels are the bulk of the problems they deal with - and it's due to the tougher pollution control measures on modern cars. Still, you'd think that the manufacturers could do better in coming up with reliable solutions. I have a theory that lots of short trips are bad for modern diesels and that's one reason why they clog up and suffer these problems. Is yours one of these ?
  7. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mark, Sorry that you've decided to cut your losses. I took my car to an independent Ford tuner before Christmas, who showed me the diagnostic output. When he hooked it up it came up with a forest of error codes - data loss errors, throttle position sensor errors, turbo boost errors and so on. He wasn't convinced these were all genuine errors, but could have been caused by the main dealer disconnecting components. He cleared the codes and we went for a short test drive. Although the car hesitated, no fault codes were recorded. So the Ford dealer may have been telling me the truth when he said that he couldn't get it to fault when he had it. My car lost power at speed three times in four long trips over Christmas and hesitates badly at every pullaway from standstill. It was already booked into the main dealer today and they've given me a courtesy car for the week. I'm not prepared to drive my car again unless they do something. I too am at the point of despair with all the hassle and at the point of trading it in - if I can. Did you get a resonable trade-in for your C-Max ?
  8. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mark, That engine looks like a 1.8 ! Chippping may be the answer, but doing it properly wouldn't be simple. Certainly the early chipmods were crude things that did nasty stuff like allowing higher turbo boost that could wreck the engine. The problem we're dealing with is potentially a bloomin' nightmare of complexity to sort properly - effectively doing the development work that Ford haven't done thoroughly. The issue involves could easily involve the alteration and co-ordination of : turbo boost turbo geometry fueling at different throttle settings egr position gearbox sensor inputs to the pcm engine sensor inputs to the pcm pcm outputs to the gearbox and engine etc. etc. Since these cars are rare, no-one will have done any mods like this before. Hooking the car up on a rolling road is probably essential - so would be expensive with no guarantee of success - and would need technical experts that are up for the challenge. Still, it may still be worth investing a grand or more if the alternative is losing 4 grand or more on trading in. I'm going to take my car to an independent garage who specialises in performance Ford upgrades in January and will at least discuss this idea to see if it has any chance. C-Maxxer
  9. car won't stop

    What model / engine is your car ? Diesel ?
  10. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mark, Sorry to hear that your Ford dealer aren't taking you seriously. I've been at the end of my tether more than once with mine. I'm going to persevere until they've had the car with them again for another week. I'm expecting them to say "no fault detected" again - after which I'll have gone as far with them as I can - other than complaining to someone else. I am making a collection of web posts with people with the same problem - may be worth a punt to What Car or Watchdog if there's evidence of lots of people with the same issue. Trading the car in is a drastic step - I don't know how much you paid for yours but I paid £8.5k just over a year ago. Parkers says about £4.5k trade-in value now. Ouch. I think I might try an independent ford garage to try and come up with a fix before going that far. Perhaps "chipping" the ECU might get round the problem ?
  11. Key Battery

    I had a Puma with basically the same key remote. I accidentally went swimming one day with the key in my pocket. After that the battery went flat in a week or so every time I renewed it. In my case I took the key to pieces, removed the battery and gave the electrical circuits a thorough clean with switch cleaning spray (Servisol). I wiped the key clean, left it overnight, put it back toether and then refitted the battery. the battery then lasted ages. Worth a try maybe ?
  12. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mickeej, I'm very interested in your post, although I'd like to check a few things. First, is your car a CVT auto ? The reason I ask id if so, I see yours is a 2005 car, one of the later CVT autos. According to the Honest John website, CVT auto C-Maxes were only made between March 2004 and "late 2005". According to the HJ site the hesitation problem affects "early 2004" CVT's. If this were the case, you shouldn't have a problem to start with! Isn't the ECU is specific to the engine / gearbox combination rather than just the engine ? Putting an ECU from a 2006 or later manual car could cause some unforeseen compatibility issues ? Also, wouldn't the engine ancillaries (turbo/EGR etc) be updated over time as well, so putting a new ECU on an old engine could create other unforeseen issues ? Don't want to put a downer on a potential solution though - I'm keen to see how you get on going down this line. Please keep posting ! C-Maxxer
  13. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mark, Thanks for posting the extract from the manual. I've had more fun and games since my last post - the garage charged me £200 for replacing the crankcase breather hose plus cleaning the MAF sensor. This improved the problem for one journey of a mile, after which it seemed worse than ever. I then got a total loss of power on the motorway - co-incidentally just as I was near the dealer. I crawled into the garage and left the engine running whilst getting a tachnician to confirm there was a problem. He did - but of course they couldn't see the car then - it had to be booked in. I was fed up and got Ford Customer Relations involved in advance of taking it back to the dealers. The dealer has now changed his attitude completely - claiming there are no fault codes, that Ford Technical say these problems are "a characteristic of the car" and they can't do anything. The car has since been back to the dealer again for them to drive around for four days "no fault codes, no action possible" and is booked in again for early January, when they're going to offer me a courtesy car for the first time. The garage is going through the motions - very slowly, but I'm not hopeful of a proper fix. I just hope the car doesn't pack up in a critical place. I'm very close to saying "f*@k it, get rid", losing 5 grand to replace it and never buying a Ford again. typical_pullaway_lm04eej.mpg
  14. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Mark, I have experienced the same problems as you with my CVT auto. I am keen to know whether the work done to your car has provided a permanent fix. I've had very similar work done to you at several attempts over the 14 months I've owned my C-Max (July '04 Reg): Engine Management Software updated - problem came back within a day or two EGR changed - problem came back after a week PCM software version changed, wiring changed - and I suspect sensors cleaned and checked - problem came back within a couple of weeks The problem seems to get gradually worse over time. So far it's lasted about 3 months each time before it's so bad I can't stand it any more. My car is in the main dealers today to look at the same hesitation problem, plus a problem that happened the other day. I was doing 80 on a dual carriageway and lost power, the car slowing to 50mph. Putting my foot down caused the revs to rise, but no increase in speed. I stopped in a layby, switched off and on restarting the problem wasn't there. I'm expecting a big bill and no permanent fix - again. Hope I'm wrong.