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  1. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Thanks for the specs Charlie! So, just so we're 100% clear, the kit I've got should be the right one and the fact that the helicoil slides over the spark plug thread rather than screw on should change once it has been inserted in to the head??! Not trying to be rude or funny here so please bare with me!! I'll keep you all posted on my progress when I get started on it :) Thanks again for the help!
  2. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Hi Folks, Ok, so I've got the thread repair kit.. Are the heli-coils supposed to be able to screw on to the spark plug at this stage? I ask because they don't. They kinda slide over the spark plug thread. This, for me, says one of two things. Either the 'tightness' of the heli-coil will increase once it has been inserted in to the head, or the M14 size kit that I bought is actually the wrong size?? Can anyone offer some advice on this? If I go any further with the repair then I won't be able to send the kit back so I need to be sure!! Thanks in advance!
  3. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    How much more work are we talking and do I need other specialist tools? I really appreciate all the help guys, cheers!
  4. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Wicked mate, so I need A M12 repair kit then? They do them on eBay quite cheap! And it's definitely cheaper than taking it anywhere to get it done (200 - 500)!!
  5. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    I checked the measurements for the spark plug and it said the outer thread size was 14mm. And what do you mean by an insert? Are they similar to helicoils but without the bit that you have to break off due to having a collar? Or am I being silly?
  6. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Ah right, not too worried about the bits. Are you able to tell me which kit to go with? Not too sure about the different sizes and I have been unable to find any size guides..Thanks for the quick reply
  7. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Sorry, spark plugs are NGK 0005 and the car is a 1.25 petrol fiesta LX, thanks again folks
  8. Spark Plug Thread Repair

    Hi folks, My stepdaughters 99 fiesta ejected one of the spark plugs the other day. Does anyone know anything about the thread repair kits? More specifically, which one to buy as there are different sizes! I bought4 new spark plugs in any case and when I tried to tighten the plug in to the 2nd port it tightened down and then just started to turn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I am comfortable with re-tapping if necessary. Thanks!
  9. Hi Folks, I know this post is a little old but I am also interested in things that would make my 2.0 TDCi Ghia have crap fuel consumption! Are there any little tweaks that can be applied to the engine or sensors or anything?! I am desperately trying to find reasons not to sell her! I also have an issue with the cigarette lighter sockets not working! But I will do some more digging on this site unless suggestions can be made for that as well?? Thanks for your time folks!