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  1. Steering Wheel Plastics

    This looks pretty nice although I can't visualise how the interior would look if all the silver was covered in carbon fibre wrap. I always thought that spraying the plastics something like piano black could look nice.
  2. Show Us Yer Wheels!

    Definitely get some pics when these are on plz! They look awesome. Now im torn between them and the momo thunders!
  3. Help Me Please!

    Number two for me. Although if you'd made one sound like a TIE fighter I'd most definitely vote for that. Actually, if someone made a car that sounded like a TIE fighter I'd probably BUY it just for that lol.
  4. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Afternoon all. Just finished giving my tardis a once over, my method was:- Rinse with water Mitt wash with meguires gold class Rinse off Dry with water magnet 2 layers of poorboys black hole glaze 2 layers of poorboys natty paste wax Tires conditioned with poorboys Trim done with meguires trim black Rain X on windows No interior clean this time as I did it only a week ago! More pics later :)
  5. Show Us Yer Wheels!

    Just seen these MOMOs, I'm really liking them! I think they might look quite nice but I'll have to flex my photoshop muscles later and find out! http://www.alloywheelworld.co.uk/product.php/10151/momo-thunder-7x17-quot-alloy-wheels-finished-in-matt-black
  6. Show Us Yer Wheels!

    I must be really fussy because im not feeling either of those. I've never been a fan of polished faces and I don't think I can pull off white wheels with a blazer blue car lol. Keep the ideas coming though!
  7. Show Us Yer Wheels!

    Right, my alloys are now so kerbed I'm considering buying others. I currently have 17s and while the zetec s alloys are lovely, they are a bit pricey and i'd rather try something different. So the aim of this thread is to show off your non-Ford rims and how awesome your mk7 looks with them! :-) So as the title says... Show us yer wheels!
  8. Your Fiesta

    Cheers! I dont see many out and about either, must not be a popular colour lol.
  9. Your Fiesta

    Evening ladies and gents, newbie here. I've had my fiesta since September but just started modding it, hence my arrival on here. I have a 58 plate zetec in blazer blue with the dress up kit and 17"alloys (which are being replaced soon due to excessive contact with kerbs... not my fault.) I have called it my tardis and I absolutely love it. Hopefully now it'll get some interesting mods!