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  1. Mountune Mp150 Exhaust Note?

    well considering the metal has the exact same exhaust as the Zetec S, apart from the back box having longer twin exits. the mp140/155 kits use mountunes own version of the miltek systems. unfortunetly these cannot be made quieter. From inside:
  2. My New Ford Spec Fiesta Zs

    more updates now guys: got my seats fitted :D newest pic of engine bay, Only thing new is the Ultra racing strut brace These have also been bought: Fiesta R2 carbon door cards, altho to fit them i need to purchase lexan windows and bond them in. remove my front speakers, electric mirrors. so come next month they will be ordered
  3. For a modified policy try Brentacare. They are AMAZING for modified policies. im 24, 3 points and a claim. under £700 for my 2011 zetec s, stripped out, 2 buckets, induction kit, lowered, mountune spoiler extentions and every other kmod included :) My question is "the ring" what is the deal with insurance? i have been reading up on this. alot of insurance companies excluded this from there policy but how can this be legal? the "ring" on a non track day is just a paid toll road, parts of it have speed limits and all accidents are treated as if they were on ever other road in germany. It is not a race track unless on certain days.
  4. Stiff Gears After Warmup

    remove the plastic cover from front of gearbox. grease cables and pivot, see if that helps. may have a damaged cable somewhere
  5. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    i found just under 70 was my sweet spot. any slower or faster and fuel econemy went down ever soo much. just sat at an even throttle the whole way. used under 2 tanks the whole way down and back up :) worked out the same price as a courier would have been to get them
  6. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    the slowest most boring drive in my life. stopped once for a pee the whole way down. sat at a constant 68-70mph. no less and no more. would never do that again tho, totally not worth the money saving haha
  7. Buyer Beware It Seems !

    the DAB is rubbish anyway. Atlest mine is. always looses signal. had it into ford 3 times and they say there is no fault and its just the DAB coverage is pretty poor in some parts of country. i just use FM all the time now
  8. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    well, not a diesel mpg, but from my 805 mile round trip in my mk7 zs petrol to pick up my new bucket seats :) average 52.3 mpg, 400 miles in tank, no fuel light on and computer said 77 miles left in tank :D
  9. Anyone You Likes Driving Fast Read This...

    you can also get specialist track day insurance now, atho it isnt cheap. its cheaper than repairing your car once its been into a barrier/ gravel trap. another thing, keep looking at last minuite deals for track days/nights. last minuite deals go very cheap sometimes
  10. Big Brakes

    im for putting a 300mm kit on the front of mine soon. using mondeo mk3 calipers, focus st170 disk's and caliper brackets from a guy on zsoc, works aout at around £250 for it all. altho im starting to do alot more track days in my car now. so extra braking power is needed. mountune are now offering an alcon ( branded mountune) 300mm package that comes in at the £1000 mark. i personaly think the brakes are half decent as stadard but with heavy use they start to fade quite quickly. hence me upgrading mine
  11. My Rear Update

    car looks amazing mate :) cracking job been done. whats the rest look like?
  12. Fiesta Mk7 Lightbrows Csr Automotive

    may just give them a shot again :) get some pics up when yours are painted and fitted please.
  13. Lowering Fiesta Mk7

    probably 1-2 hours fitting plus parts. springs are around £140. if its dealership you got car from try get a decent discount. some places may do free fitting. but budget around £250 i would say from the top of my head mate
  14. Lowering Fiesta Mk7

    you could get the eibach lowering kit supplied and fitted by ford to retail the full warrenty. or if you fit a kit yourself the only thing that wont be covered under warrenty will be anything affected by lowering it. so engine and that will still be covered :)
  15. My New Ford Spec Fiesta Zs

    just purchased 2x Corbeau Pro Race bucket seats (drivers seat kevlar, passengers fibreglass), runners and sparco harnesses. altho wont have time to fit until end of september probably :( (away on course) next friday im ordering rear strut brace and helmet hammock. will get pics when i can